“See something, say something” says after calling cops on woman with toddler of “different ethnicity” #ReasonRoundup
Jfc Cindy McCain seems to think she’s a hero for reporting people who weren’t doing anything wrong to the cops
Marriott's "anti-trafficking" policies & the DHS/ICE program behind them is based on a load of crap that only leads to things like the Cindy McCain nonsense we're seeing now But the damage it can inflict is minimal compared to associated programs
over time, the number of eyes McCain saw looking up at her from that basement has grown. In 2014, it was "40 sets of eyes" By last month, “100 sets of eyes," & she could tell from just their eyeballs that they were "all little girls"
ftr, what McCain saw *isn't* what she thought she saw (or claimed on radio that she did). Cops found "no evidence of criminal conduct or child endangerment" w/woman McCain claimed was toddler trafficker