We are pleased to announce the winner of the Annual Thomas M. Cooley Book Prize of $50,000 is for his book Repugnant Laws: Judicial Review of Acts of Congress from the Founding to the Present.
Looking forward to discussing my new book, *Repugnant Laws: Judicial Review of Congress from the Founding to the Present*, at the faculty workshop at on Friday The book is available for pre-order now
Amazon says today is the release date, so place your order now. My new history of the law and politics of Supreme Court review of the constitutionality of federal laws.
The new book by , Repugnant Laws () is of course very good. But his accompanying spreadsheet is AMAZING:
This book & the JRC dataset began w/ a conversation w/ Fred Woodward, the former director of I think I'm grateful for that conversation, but I'm definitely grateful for his patience and occasional nudging
At #APSA2019 today at 2:00, a round table on my new book, Repugnant Laws from should be a good discussion
If you’re at #ASLH2019, my history of judicial review of federal laws is available at the table If you’re in DC, there’s a book forum at noon on *Repugnant Laws*
Amazon just sliced ten bucks off the cover price of *Repugnant Laws*