I'm proud to release the newest feature on a dollar-cost averaging tool for daily recurring Bitcoin purchases! I shared the insights, rationale and motivation for every small detail that went into building it (long read). Onward!
Bitcoin purchases on are now batched by default every 60 minutes (or as soon as total volume hits 1 Bitcoin). Users can opt-out and pay for whatever network fees they want. On-chain scaling win-win! Read more here:
Absolutely madness today on . One of our biggest days all time so far and it ain't over (shaping up to be all-time high)
BIP91 LOCKED-IN! The and team happy to avoid chainsplit overtime/stress! 🍾 #UASF victory! TO THE MOON!! 🚀
If you are Canadian looking to buy Bitcoin, check out has built a great Bitcoin-only exchange for our friends up north!
When paying your bills through it is never necessary for the biller to know that you're paying with #bitcoin. They simply know that you've paid.
Longtime Bitcoin advocate Francis Pouliot of knows its value and its cost. "The 1 thing with #Bitcoin - it never forgets. Bitcoin has a very long memory." 🎧 🎧
Is #Bitcoin cash or is it gold? "It's definitely both, there's no tradeoff between one or the other." Perennial Bitcoin advocate CEO of on today's episode. 🎧 🎧
I just signed up at and started reading about how it works and how it's different and woahhhh, it's incredible! I'm planning on going to the event tomorrow night in #yyc and looking forward to meeting you and !
Thank god for in Canada or we’d literally be lost saving lives up here
Today on and 6% transactions by #bitcoin sellers 94% transactions by #bitcoin buyers That's an new all time record for % of daily transactions from buyers (by a very wide margin). Never seen it skewed like this.
All-time high #Bitcoin buy/sell volume once again this week on and Not even close. 2x more previous weekly ATH. Removing the largest transaction (outlier, someone buying a house with Bitcoin), 33% sellers 66% buyers. STEAK TIME 🍖
The kind of pump and dump I really like to see 😆 Bitcoin working perfectly under stressful conditions. I can assure you that many businesses ( included) spent lots of time thinking about and implementing Bitcoin network fee optimization solutions recently
. CEO of got an incredible introduction to #Bitcoin in 2014, 1 month after giving a TED Talk, 6 months after, he had to talk to the Canadian Senate. 🎧 🎧
Mempool cleared. Relief! Lately I had been focused on coinjoin and sidechain at and postponed crucial work I wanted for Bitcoin on-chain transaction fee optimization. Wake-up call! and I went deep in the rabbit hole for next-level innovation! 🔥
My company Satoshi Portal ( and ) started supporting UASF in March 2017 with special UASF electrum server and block explorer to give end-users a choice. If UASF failed, we were completely screwed.
/u/adam3us: L-CAD asset is issued only by . anyone using should be able to tick a box to be able to receive payment in L-CAD on point of sale terminals,
Bullish insights : - friends' parents are buying Bitcoin - recent users are noobs - signs of FOMO in customer support - increased reports of BTC fraud/theft
Run of the Golden Bull is now on the homepage of #bitcoin 🐂🐂🐂🐂 🌄
should advertise on Nice cohort of libertarians & almost all gun owners get the mag due to the membership Black full page “Want less government? Buy Bitcoin” in the middle. Bottom: “
I'm going to go ahead and NOT do that in my own exchange, and I expect the same results since the past 6 years. You can try a hashrate attack on or if you are so confident.
Another 🇨🇦 Bitcoin exchange scandal... Coinsquare was manipulating orderbook, 90% of volume faked, +shady stuff. I started to offer a solid legitimate option. Sad that despite cutting edge features "we're not scammers" still our strongest selling point.
In between shitposts... almost done: New batching feature in all transactions now batched by default with countdown to next batch (hourly). User can opt-out and select conf target. User accepts fee estimate, we send coins right away and deduct tx fee.
If you want help building a Bitcoin app with it, DM me! We love to help people integrate it. It's been perfectly running as the backend of and for almost 2 years now. There's no catch. This is our definition of having a good time.
No downtime for our self-hosted Bitcoin backend for and during spikes in network activity (confs slower for everyone, obviously). Why exactly are businesses paying third-party wallets APIs? "Insurance" LOL?
Inscription de au Panier Bleu refusée même si on est un commerce de détail en ligne dont le siège social est au Québec et détenu par des Québécois 😂 🖕
About to take high-volume Bitcoin transaction batching (enterprise hot wallet) to a whole new level with some open-source software with developed for our own usage by and we'll be giving seminars with on how to integrate
Cyphernode is the first wallet combining Bitcoin, Lightning, Coinjoin and Liquid. It was built first and foremost as an enterprise backend for high-volume critical operations (it is, in essence the open-source backend of ). Time to take it mainstream 😎