New York police killed Ramarley Graham, then refused to answer his mother's questions. Will the notorious secrecy law that allowed them to do it finally be overturned?
"This officer murdered my son, and for me to have to sit through a whole trial just to catch the charges, that shouldn't happen." More at
An obscure provision designed to protect personnel records makes it nearly impossible to hold the state’s cops accountable.
New York Police Killed Her Son, Then Refused to Answer Her Questions. The Law They’re Hiding Behind Could Soon Be Repealed.
. spotlights Constance Malcolm's quest to find justice and hold police accountable after her son, Ramarley Graham, was killed by the NYPD.
My latest: Ramarley Graham's mother fought the NYPD for 6 years to learn about the shooting of her son. She was stonewalled by a notorious 40-year-old law that has made New York the most secretive in the U.S. for police misconduct. That might soon change
A reminder that New York is now 🎶The WooOOoORst 🎶 when it comes to police secrecy
This is of course under the auspices of New York's incredibly broad police secrecy law, Section 50-a, which bars the release of anything possibly construed as a "personnel record." I wrote about it here