This is just staggeringly awful. A basic traffic stop ended with a police officer tasing a man 11 times, the 11th by pulling down his shorts and tasing him in the testicles. His children saw the entire thing. Wanton, sadistic stuff. And there's more. /1
Good Lord. The cop is still on patrol, right now. "Abuse of Force: Bodycam video shows man tased 11 times"
Had to stop watching. Body camera video shows man tased 11 times by officers in Arizona.
Funny the way outrage works on the internet. THIS deserves far more outrage than any footage of "cringe compilations" or smirking MAGA-hat teens.
This is extremely disturbing. I had to stop watching the sadism on display -- and those cops did it to this poor man in front of his wife and children
Bodycam video shows a man being tased by police 11 times, including on his testicles.