A weeklong blackout left inmates at this Brooklyn jail in the dark, in freezing cold, and in danger. Interviews with inmates, their families, lawyers, jail staff, and officials suggest it was even worse than it had initially appeared.
Here’s our deep dive into what really happened at MDC Brooklyn. Electricity and heat had been faltering for weeks, but complaints were ignored until a crisis trapped inmates in cold, dark cells. Story w/
Horrible, infuriating story about inhumane treatment of inmates at a Brooklyn jail. “It’s Cold as Hell’: Inside a Brooklyn Jail’s Weeklong Collapse, via
From Jan27-Feb3 inmates in the Federal Detention Center in Brooklyn were without heat, electricity, hot water, cooked food and medicine. It was a #PolarVortex & temps dropped to 2 degs F. As inhumane, hideous as that is, there was more horror in that hell.
‘It’s Cold as Hell’: Inside a Brooklyn Jail’s Weeklong Collapse