EXC: A senior minister told colleagues in a leaked WhatsApp rant today that the Tories will lose the next election because the party has been taken over by "zealots" who talk "bollocks"
Senior minister Claire Perry, who attends cabinet, told the women Tory MPs' WhatsApp group today that "antediluvian old sods" have taken over the Tories and will lose them the next election, turning them into an opposition party "of the white shires"
Claire Perry on Tory backbenchers Chris Chope, Peter Bone and Bernard Jenkin... they are "zealots" who "don't give a toss"
Claire Perry on male Tory backbenchers to the women Tory MPs' WhatsApp group today... "a bunch of old white men no doubt are enjoying their morning coffee served to them by their long suffering wives" 🔥
NEW: Tory minister Claire Perry said in a WhatsApp chat leaked to that she's "bored to sobs" of fighting the backbench Tory MPs she called “zealots” and a "posse of old buffers" via
In leaked WhatsApp messages, energy minister Claire Perry launched a scathing attack on some backbench Tory MPs, accusing them of being "zealots" who talk "bollocks" and will force the party to retreat into opposition after the next election
"Is anyone else bored to sobs with fighting this posse of old buffers who have achieved their dream of taking over the party again?" sometimes I do love Claire Perry
WhatsApp groups that include sound *fun*...