Lost in all this: Most moms of young children prefer not to work full time. "Among married mothers with children ages 0 to 3 at home, only 17% prefer to work full time"
While psychologists tell us that ages 0-4 are the most important years of human development, we have a dysfunctional childcare system which underpays staff and is too costly for working families. We need universal, publicly funded childcare.
1. Great example of progressives addressing a serious issue with a one-size-fits-all solution that will not the needs of millions of families across the U.S. who don't wish to put their young children in daycare
Something people don’t appreciate enough about child care is that it’s a macro-economic issue. One of the most straightforward ways we could increase growth would be to fix our awful workforce participation rate for women, which now even trails Japan’s.
100% agree with 's argument for universal child care (and that it should rank ahead of free college as a Democratic priority)
"Affordable high-quality child care is an idea that should appeal to everyone . . ." A thousand amens to and to this.
Child care is so important but I would add that this matters beyond the early childhood years. K-12 school schedules don’t come close to covering the full work year.
I'm so glad wrote this great piece on the need for Democrats to talk more about universal child care. This is an issue that absolutely deserves more attention
The astronomical cost of childcare is a quiet crisis of our economy. It’s outrageous to make parents choose between providing for their kids or caring for their kids. We need universal, high-quality, affordable childcare options for every family, period.
plus infinity to this
In Opinion Katha Pollitt writes, "There’s another proposal that belongs on the progressive to-do list: universal affordable high-quality child care."
hard agree with moving day care up the progressive agenda
Important piece. I’ve said it before, but worth saying again: Federally subsidized day care should be a priority way before free college. The Sanders strategy was too male-centric and middle class. This would address the whole of America.
Free public college, health care for all, a living wage: These are all important causes that will improve life for millions. But there’s another proposal that belongs on the progressive to-do list: universal affordable high-quality child care.
Yes to all of this: free daycare should be on the Dem To Do list even ahead of free college. Thanks
Strong yes to this.
“Affordable high-quality #childcare is an idea that should appeal to everyone... It’s good for workers & employers, for communities & families & children. It would create lots of jobs... & give children a good start in life.” #earlychildhood
I’ve never understood the logic that (poor) mothers ought to be working yet no thought is given to how their children will be cared for. What could be more pro-family? Opinion | Day Care for All - The New York Times
the time is also right to put Day Care for All on the Canadian agenda: via
“The child care crisis has a huge effect on women’s employment. It keeps women at home who need and want to work.” PREACH 🙌🙌 This is why we are so focused on helping parents find great daycare & preschool
The cost of high-quality early childcare has gotten so high that even with scholarships (at the max allowed by the state), the teachers at our daycare can barely afford tuition for their own kids. Now, you might wonder - why is daycare so expensive? 1/
Daycare is hugely underrepresented in our political conversation, especially given all the downstream consequences of the lack of daycare and how it's connected to so many other problems and challenges.
And as our work for #UnanticipatedGains showed, the benefits, through the expansion of parents' networks, extend to children, families, and society.
in "Free pub college, health care for all, a living wage: These are all import causes that will improve life for millions But there’s another prop that belongs on the progressive to-do list: univ. affordable hi-quality child care"
Day Care for All via AND free pre-k. Wonderful piece
Would free #daycare make more sense than #freecollege? I have heard #childcare advocates say this. See op/ed via cc ⁦
"The time is right to put child care back on the Democratic agenda. And this time let’s put it at the top." Thank you .... Day Care for All
Lack of stable, affordable child care is one of the reasons women’s work force participation has stalled despite increased education + the growth of fields where many women work, such as health care.— (Fallfest 2018)
"By the time American women are 40 to 44, 86 percent of them are mothers, and unless they are affluent the child care crisis hits families hard." Whiting winner makes the case for affordable child care, in
TANF and UI are in shambles but let’s ignore that so we can add yet another X-for-all scheme to appease bougie constituents.
New parents are always shocked and appalled when they realize how expensive child care is. Let's modernize our social policy around the reality faced by working parents.
On Friday we spoke with parents and teachers who shared the indispensable role of high-quality, affordable #ECE in accessing jobs and educational opportunities to improve the lives of their families.
Fix #Childcare. There is something progressives need to add to their to-do list: Day care for all, by via
What’s the one thing missing from progressive candidates’ ambitious to-do lists? Affordable, high quality child care for all. A must read from for .
Good column on a social investment with real payoff. Day Care for All
argues that Democrats should put universal affordable high-quality child care on their agenda. Currently, child care costs are similar to those for college in many states: (via )
“ But there’s another proposal that belongs on the progressive to-do list: universal affordable high-quality child care. In fact, I would put it ahead of free public college: It would help more people and do more to change society for the better. ” YES.
It’s time for this too... Day Care for All - The New York Times
Day Care for All
A better idea than universal college
Ababsolutely this.