Many young authors today take rejection letters not as an indication that they need to write a better book but as some sort of ultimate proof they’re being discriminated against.
Should fiction writers from historically marginalized backgrounds receive more consideration for publication than their white peers?
Nobody, they say, is entitled to a book deal, & everybody has to work hard, &—most important of all—have a great manuscript. In 2019, though, it turns out that you’re entitled to a book deal as long as you collect enough marginalization points.
"one of the most disconcerting aspects of this debacle is that behavior that once got a writer blacklisted in the industry is now rewarded with book deals"
#Writers, #authors: a fascinating story of how some ruined a good idea, & made a device for helping new #YoungAdult #YA fiction authors into a device for turning publishing into a clique-run protection racket