New from me on #CandaceOwens and her Hitler flap. Ignorance or authoritarian sympathies? Cultist or grifter? All of the above?
If you think Candace Owens is an otherwise helpful voice now attacked for a minor error b/c the liberulz, read who has been following her for some time. Ditto those who think allying with is wise. via
It's grifters all the way down. The Trouble With Candace Owens via
" The most charitable explanation of Owens’s remarks, if she deserves charity, is that they were glib, thoughtless and ignorant" via
. tries to be charitable to Candace Owens in light of her Hitler-was-“fine”-if-he-stayed-within-Germany comments, but there’s no way to make this look good:
In the Bulwark, the great Cathy Young has the best takedown of Candace Owens. Do conservatives really want to honor such a rather dumb and know-nothing as she seems to be?
“Is Owens sincere about her new beliefs? Or is she a fraud whose accidental alliance with opportunistic friends on the far right led her to discover a bigger and better scam?” I think if we’re honest we know the answer. Good job, ⁦⁩.