Jeff Bezos, argues Dan Savage, has the power to make the world safer for everyone by releasing his dirty pics. Doing so would protect the professional and political futures of all the young adults who have taken and sent nude photographs.
If everyone would release a nude pic, no one could be blackmailed or shamed or fired for a leaked nude. You first, Jeff.
I think is suggesting a digital naked bicycle ride for America of sorts
Yes, !!! #JeffBezos SHOULD release his dirty selfies. Because “the dirty pics a gay sex-advice columnist sent to his husband don’t have the power to change the world. The dirty pics the world’s richest man sent to his girlfriend? They do.”
Have always thought 's release-a-nude-pic day was genius. Was a pleasure to work with him on this
"If you go first, Jeff, we’ll call it Jeff Bezos Day. It’s a far better legacy than wage theft."
Seems a joke at first but the argument we should remove all energy from revenge porn by normalizing it makes sense. We can go further and argue we should reserve stigma only for true harm, not epithets or mockery etc. And normalize by broad repetition.