Years in the making and based on a lifetime of experiences, book finally arrived. Hopefully, it will inform a generation that wants to make a difference #WWS #WindWaterSolar @100isNow
My textbook, "100% Clean, Renewable Energy and Storage for Everything," to be published by , is finally coming together. Just a few more months. Here's a summary:
Just debated from on who argues for gas+fossils No way If we move "to 100% clean, renewables, instead of $2.1 tril/y for energy, we would pay $770 bil/y+reduce deaths+warming+create jobs" Details
People who continue to deny that we can power 100% of the planet with 100% clean, renewable energy for everything at low cost simply haven't looked at the numbers. #WWS #WindWaterSolar
New book September 25th on how to end fossil fuel burning. That happens to be the day we need to be on #ClimateStrike in front of town, city, state, and national halls of power calling on businesses and politicians to #UniteBehindTheScience
Wood burning & natural gas are bad New nuclear is useless Existing nuclear that requires subsidies should be shut Remaining nuclear can stay open until it retires Chap 3 for details #WindWaterSolar+storage+DR is clean+reliable+low cost Chap 8 of above
New nuclear and geoengineering are not only not necessary, but they case more harm than good because they are opportunity costs.
H2 from clean, renewable #WindWaterSolar electricity used in fuel cells likely only option for long-distance aircraft, ships, trains, semis (>1000 km) and heavy duty military vehicles. Also useful for microgrids & steel
Transitioning the world to 100% clean, renewable energy and storage for everything: Presentation slides Textook Paper @100isNow #WWS #WindWaterSolar
's research looks at the ways to transition everyone - from small towns to the entire world - to 100% renewable wind-water-solar (WWS) energy. A transition is entirely possible. But the obstacles are social and political | More on his research
Intro+TOC for book "100% Clean, Renewable Energy & Storage for Everything" now at Discusses science, eng, econ, social & policy aspects of transitioning & history of how roadmaps+ motivated 100% commitments in states-cities-businesses & #GND
Looking forward to teaching a new course this week, "100% Clean, Renewable Energy and Storage for Everything." Finished 2nd draft of text just in time. Here's a summary & some sections: Introduction and TOC @100isNow
Proud to see first 6 student groups present results from final projects to move Kauai, Haiti, Texas, Sweden, Namibia, Australia to 100% #WWS in course 100% Clean, Renewable Energy+Storage For Everything Book on way