Katy Perry 'Blackface' Shoe to Be Pulled from Shelves
How does it feel when the shoe is on the other foot - Katy? It is so obvious that she’s a racist! Is pulling these shoes enough? Tie stones around Katy and throw her in the lake - if she floats we will know she’s a witch! Shoe bonfire 2nite! No fascists!
So I love that liberals like are being hoist with their own identity politics petard (predictable). But lemme ask you this also: which SJW thinks black people look like this shoe? And aren’t THEY racist for thinking so, too?
Total insanity. If she only made these as beige shoes, they'd say they needed black/brown to be more inclusive. And why are the eyes only blue, hmmm?? Identity police are never satisfied Katy Perry 'Blackface' Shoes Officially Pulled from Shelves via