There is a short and simple answer to this question: No. Also, please stop calling her one. “Progressive Prosecutor”:Can Kamala Harris Square the Circle?
Folks: Kamala Harris’ record as a prosecutor ranges from underwhelming to monstrous. And her defense of this record—her saying that a prosecutor could either act as she did or not hold anyone accountable for anything—is cynical and insulting.
Kamala Harris campaigned to the right of the Republican opponent (and the motherfucking Koch Brothers) on whether California should get rid of their three-strikes law in the face of unconstitutional prison overcrowding.
“She played it very careful...she had her sights set on what her future might be, and she realized every day she was navigating a minefield."
In NYT interview, Kamala Harris says, re: her decision to appeal removal of the Orange County District Attorney's office from a death penalty case for misconduct, that she "knew misconduct had occurred" but it was being handled locally (ht )