New episode of Extremely Offline! I talk to , executive director of Ex-Muslims of North America, about Islam, identity, and whether secularism is the way forward Thanks to for hosting us. Listen to the whole thing here 👇🏽
Sarah Haider and Shadi Hamid on Islam in the Modern World
EPISODE 10 of Extremely Offline: The Brookings Institution's talks with Ex-Muslims of North America executive director about Islam and the modern world
EPISODE 5 of Extremely Offline: Two sons of police officers on opposite sides of the issue discuss the big questions in criminal justice: policing, prisons, the drug war. of the Manhattan Institute and of Cato join us.
EPISODE 8 of Extremely Offline: The Stranger's and filmmaker talk about social media trolls, pile-ons, and toxicity
Episode 3 of Extremely Offline features and -- a democratic socialist-friendly journalist and an anarcho-capitalist podcaster. They discuss what the proper role of markets is, and come together on the perils of the racial woketopia.
EPISODE 7 of Extremely Offline: Young Turks co-founder and freelance journalist debate the Mueller Report, media accountability, and what exactly happened between Trump and Russia. Our first Russiagate episode!
As Bernie Sanders announces his bid tomorrow, listen to Elizabeth Bruenig and Jonathan Chait discuss the lefts evolution over the past 25 years and the prospects of a socialist future. Only on our new podcast, Extremely Offline
If you want to learn about , Bernie Sanders's national press secretary, we featured her on the first episode of our podcast, Extremely Offline. Listen here: If you like what you hear, subscribe to our patreon!
EPISODE 6 of Extremely Offline: An Israeli-American (opinion editor at ) and a Palestinian-American (of ) sit down for a civil and deep discussion about Palestine, Israel, anti-Semitism, Zionism, and Ilhan Omar.
Is Mike Cernovich a big hypocrite? Find out in the latest podcast!
EPISODE 12 of Extremely Offline: and join us to talk about multiculturalism and a heteredox society in an ever-diverse West
The conversation between and about (around 45 minutes in) how being boxed in by racial politics when they are biracial is fascinating. They address the MSNBC segment where guests slammed Kamala for marrying a white husband.
Ep 2 of Extremely Offline, a new podcast by and me, is out! Ep 2 features & discussing factionalism within the Dem Party, M4A and Obamacare, and more. Go to Stitcher or Apple Podcasts and *subscribe* to see episode 2.
I was really honored to have this incredible conversation with two people I really respect - and - about , Israel, US support for Israel, and anti-Semitism.
In our second episode of Extremely Offline, we hosted a discussion between and . IMO it was one of our best episodes to date. Elizabeth is now a Pulitzer finalist. Listen to our episode to hear her brilliance!
Should prison be about rehabilitating prisoners -- and do we even know how to? What does the research tell us about where crime itself comes from?
The questions we cover on this episode include: What is the role of punishment in our criminal justice system? What accounts for such low homicide clearance rates in some U.S. cities? Can we learn from Norway?
"Ilhan Omar is actually a Zionist...she's a believer in the two-state solution." —Batya Ungar-Sargon on the latest episode of XO
We talk about how Islam relates to society, and how whether and how we could encourage reform of conservative strains of Islam. You can listen to Extremely Offline on Stitcher: Apple Podcasts: Spotify:
Extremely Offline - Mike Cernovich and Katie Herzog on Trolls, Social Media Mobs, and the Fever Swamp Outrage Machine We Call the Internet
EPISODE 11 of Extremely Offline: Die-hard Bernie broad joins former Hillary Clinton staffer to talk about the divided Democratic Party, 2016's political arguments, and how to have a less contentious campaign in 2020
Another example - ’s Extremely Offline podcast, which is all about creating discussion between very different folk who might otherwise fall on “opposite sides” of the “culture war”. The discussions thus far have been very productive. >
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EPISODE 4 of Extremely Offline: Elizabeth Warren vs. Bernie Sanders --who will the left choose in 2020? Sanders advocate and Jacobin editor and the PCCC's , a Warren booster, have it out respectfully in a very fun discussion
If you want to hear a good, nuanced conversation about the problem of violent crime, what it does to neighborhoods and families, and what the best government response is, check out episode 5 of my podcast EXTREMELY OFFLINE
We had a whole episode about this on Extremely Offline, listen here
I think some of the ideas in our conversation might seem (at least somewhat) new 🙂  cc
EPISODE 9 of Extremely Offline: The Intercept's and freelance writer join us to talk out their Russiagate beefs in a cordial and civil conversation that proves the sides here don't have to hate eachother
Interesting premise for a podcast... people talking to their critics. I haven’t listened yet but the first ep is and so it should be good.
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One component of bipartisan criminal justice reform (listen to our podcast episode about it: ) is giving judges and prosecutors more discretion to seek lighter sentences and release people early. Biden spent years arguing opposite.
Listen to this week's episode and decide for yourself whether Warren or Sanders have a better shot at winning in 2020. We had two great guests on debating it, Bhaskar Sunkara from Jacobin and Adam Green from PCCC
This is part of what we discussed on this week's episode of Extremely Offline. The Sanders team has people running it who've never run presidential campaigns before. That has pros and cons. Warren has an older more established set of folks. Who wins?
3/ The podcast itself looks great, by the way! Extremely Offline -- first ep features and
If you missed it: I talk to Ex-Muslims of North America executive director about Islam, American Muslims, and whether secularism is the way forward Thanks to for hosting us. Listen to the whole thing here 👇🏽