Episode 3 of Extremely Offline features and -- a democratic socialist-friendly journalist and an anarcho-capitalist podcaster. They discuss what the proper role of markets is, and come together on the perils of the racial woketopia.
As Bernie Sanders announces his bid tomorrow, listen to Elizabeth Bruenig and Jonathan Chait discuss the lefts evolution over the past 25 years and the prospects of a socialist future. Only on our new podcast, Extremely Offline
The conversation between and about (around 45 minutes in) how being boxed in by racial politics when they are biracial is fascinating. They address the MSNBC segment where guests slammed Kamala for marrying a white husband.
Ep 2 of Extremely Offline, a new podcast by and me, is out! Ep 2 features & discussing factionalism within the Dem Party, M4A and Obamacare, and more. Go to Stitcher or Apple Podcasts and *subscribe* to see episode 2.
3/ The podcast itself looks great, by the way! Extremely Offline -- first ep features and
Interesting premise for a podcast... people talking to their critics. I haven’t listened yet but the first ep is and so it should be good.