"I have had sex with over 200 sex workers. I have done it unprotected, in filthy places, in strangers’ homes, in motels, offices, my motherʼs home, my fatherʼs home, and several different ordinary apartments I’ve rented."
"I used my claim to feminism as a lure to seduce women." Read "The Confessions of a Male, Feminist Sex Addict"
I was a male feminist—and a secret sex addict.
“Sex without companionship corrodes the soul. I know this because it happened to me.” Must read via ⁦⁩ The Confessions of a Male, Feminist Sex Addict - Quillette
I typically like , but this one leaves me rather cold. A guy who made a sex career out of being a good guy, now finds a new schtick, claiming to be a victim to his dark sexual urges. The Confessions of a Male, Feminist Sex Addict.
This is a really interesting piece we just posted—and unlike anything you have ever before read on , I'm guessing.