Wow. Obituaries for 1,200 children killed by gun violence in the year since Parkland, all reported by student journalists
teen reporters wrote obituaries for over 1000 teens & children who have been shot and killed since Parkland. this project is incredible, please spend some time with the stories of these children.
A group of teenage reporters have written obituaries for every child who died since Parkland due to gun violence. There are 1,200 stories. You can read them here
If you haven't seen this I would definitely check it out. Since Parkland: 12 Months. 1,200 Kids Killed by Gun Violence.
These teenage reporters wrote obituaries for every child who has been killed by gun violence since Parkland. In 12 months, it's more than 1200 stories. More than 300 children & siblings. More than 80 infants & toddlers. Read the stories. #ParklandStrong
#SinceParkland, at least 1,200 kids and teens across the U.S. have died by gun—in homicides, domestic violence, and accidental shootings. The Trace and worked with 200+ student journalists to tell their stories.
#SinceParkland collects stories of nearly 1,200 American kids killed by guns during the 12 months that began with the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School. Take a moment to read these unforgettable portraits — doggedly reported by teen journalists.
More than 1,100 American children were killed by guns during the 12 months that began with the Parkland school shooting. Teen reporters have collected their stories at — an unprecedented account of how gun violence affects our nation’s children.
Dear world: NEVER underestimate the power of a teen journalist. #SinceParkland
We're so proud that past and future "The Future is Ms." writers , , , Isabel Thomas, Nancy Bowne were involved with the groundbreaking . #SinceParkland #EnoughIsEnough
It has been almost a year #SinceParkland. Read these heartbreaking stories from teen journalists about the 1,200 teens killed by gun violence since then. Remember them.
This #ValentinesDay, read #SinceParkland, an incredible feat of #journalism by +200 #teen #journalists who worked w/ and to tell #stories of nearly 1,200 kids who lost their lives to #GunViolence in the one year. Visit the website
Today launched . The website is home to nearly 1,200 profiles of children killed with guns since the Parkland school shooting. All written by student journalists. You should check it out. #SinceParkland
Dear teen journalist: Bravo. 👏🏽🙌🏿👏🏾🙌🏾👏🏿🙌🏽
Six teens from helped tell the stories of kids lost to gun violence in #SinceParkland. Here Jimmy and Dalila work on their pieces with me in Oct.
Powerful student reporting project overseen by my incredible colleague and featuring beautiful and sensitive work by my student : a must-read.
Please, please take a moment to read this today: student reporters wrote about the 1,200 students killed since the Parkland shooting. 1,200 killed. 1,200 stories, all written by their peers and friends.
This is a monumental, incredibly powerful project. 1,200 kids shot and killed since Parkland, their stories told by teen journalists
Amazingly powerful project - - the stories of 1200 young people killed by guns in the US in the past year, memorialized by young journalists. Heartbreaking and powerful.
It’s sickening these stories needed to be written, but this is some amazing and inspiring journalism by teen journalists who are refusing to let us not see these tragedies: 1,200 stories about the 1,200 children who have been killed since #Parkland.
If only we lived in a country with >70% of the population wanting gun control and it was a real democracy. 1,200 Lives #SinceParkland by Eric Curran, med student
I do not understand how US citizens can accept this: 12 Months. Nearly 1,200 Kids Killed By Guns.