That totally normal thing where you ask the president's TV programs not to say anything that will make him mad, so we can keep having a government
Trump Puts Best Face on Border Deal, as Aides Try to Assuage an Angry Right via ⁦⁩ and me
“it was arguably the most punishing defeat Mr. Trump has experienced as president”
TRUMP WALLED IN: If he signs the bipartisan spending compromise without the money he demanded for the border wall, it will represent “arguably the most punishing defeat Mr. Trump has experienced as president,” write & .
A meeting with members of his Freedom Caucus in the Oval Office was partly aimed at urging them to hold their fire in television interviews when talking about the bill, according to a person briefed on the effort.
"he also wanted cuts to legal immigration that Democrats would not accept." This year Trump's getting a fraction of the money he wanted for the wall *and* called for a record number of legal immigrants. To think he advertised himself as a great dealmaker.
Great lede by ⁦⁩ and ⁦⁩: In pursuit of a wall, President Trump ran into one.