Warning: Russia’s interference in 2016 election was just one front in a global war on the US. My book #TheShadowWar will take you to the battlefields from cyber space to outer space, from Ukraine to South China Sea to the Arctic & beyond. Pre-order here:
Back in the day on , whenever I turned it on was always in a different place & in the middle of the action. So when I heard Jim had a book I knew I had to check it out. My friends should prepare for me to act like I already knew this stuff.
That exciting, slightly disbelieving moment when the galleys arrive. #TheShadowWar the shelves for real May 14!
“Are we losing a war few of us realize we’re fighting?” Hot off the presses — ’s THE SHADOW WAR , about how China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are “waging a brazen, global war on the US and the West.” Check it out!
“The Chinese are as vicious or more vicious than the Russians. They will kill people at the drop of a hat,” FBI’s fmr head of cyber told me and China is waging its own global war on the US - from submarines to space to cyber. #TheShadowWar May 14 Preorder:
Hardcovers arrived today - and what better place to have a look than on an Amtrak where I wrote so much of it. #TheShadowWar is out May 14. I’ll be back soon with details on events in DC, NY, Chicago and beyond. Pre-order:
-A Chinese national enters Mar-a-Lago w/malware on a flash drive -Russia deploys new intermediate-range missile -Pentagon prepares for war in space Within days, new fronts in #TheShadowWar with Russia & China Book is out 4 weeks from today. Preorder here
You are right on the mark, my friend. Take a look here for the full scope if you have a moment
My colleague reports on the subterranean campaigns China and Russia are waging against the U.S in his engrossing-and disturbing-new book, The Shadow War. Out Tuesday. Can’t put it down!
Russia’s election interference and China’s land grab in the South China Sea are just two fronts in a new global battle against the US, as details on #TheShadowWar out May 14. Psyched to read it! You can pre-order here:
Consider this essential national security reading for the 2020 election. 's new book, out in May, takes a deep dive into plans Russia and China have to wage unconventional, disturbing attacks on America. I'll be devouring my copy!