Wow...’Results of the analytical approach...estimate a mean of 1,500 persons (upper limit: 3,300; lower: 800) for western and central Europe’ Population dynamics and socio-spatial organization of the Aurignacian:Scalable quantitative demographic data...
An empty Europe: during the Aurignacian period (~42,000 to 33,000 BP) there were only between 800 and 3,300 humans in all western and central Europe 😳 #Europe #Humanity
The population size in Europe (from Northern Spain to Poland) from 42,000 to 33,000 years ago may have been only 1500 individuals at any given time during this interval.
tl;dr: To a first approximation, western Europe -- with a population of ~1,500 -- was uninhabited 40,000 years ago. Population dynamics & socio-spatial organization of the Aurignacian: Scalable quantitative demographic data for western & central Europe