From the Official Medium account of "We have removed this article as it has been understood in a way that doesn’t reflect the Commission’s position." An archive is available from the :
look at that shit: what do you think of that ?
. calling themselves "the knight with the blue and yellow shield" that is battling the mob-supported fire breathing dragon for the Copyright Directive. Not sure whether I should laugh. #saveyourinternet
According to the EU Commission, “Google and Facebook are being rewarded financially for all their hard work in producing amazing software, clever algorithms and exciting designs” (1/2)
Political discourse in the #EU hit a new low this week with the disparaging critics of the ill-conceived proposed EU #copyright directive as a „mob.“ Don’t believe the EC did that? See for yourselves the headline on
Hey , do you find it normal to publish blog posts that call Europeans “the mob”, and condescendingly describe Members of the European Parliament? This is not the objective tone in communication we all expect from you.
When I was elected 5 years ago, after Germany had passed a lobby-drafted law that crushed small media & helped Google, I never imagined that opposing the same law at EU level would inspire the to compare me to the Brexit campaign: #Article11