On the critical reconsideration of Andrea Dworkin
Thought-provoking reappraisal of Andrea Dworkin. The late Christopher Hitchens was a great champion of Dworkin's - some may be surprised to hear - and my wife & I met her once at dinner at his house. "You'll be impressed," he said. We were
I’ve long warned that #metoo is Andrea Dworkin in sheep’s clothing, but is dead wrong that her alliance with the Christian right against sex work is out of favor in feminism today: see #SOSTA #FESTA
For decades, Andrea Dworkin has existed in the feminist imagination mostly as a negative example. But in the era of Trump and #MeToo, feminists have started invoking Dworkin in a spirit of respect and rediscovery, writes .
I’m quoted in this thoughtful piece by on Andrea Dworkin’s resurgence. CC Not the Fun Kind of Feminist
This piece is infuriating to read, but it shows how out of step gaming feminism is with mainstream feminism, which doesn't support attacks on women's clothes, or sex workers. Sorry game devs, you were sold an outdated bill of goods.
What is the point of this waffling piece by ? At least Dworkin was clear: “Under patriarchy, every woman’s daughter is a victim... … every woman’s son is her potential betrayer &also the inevitable rapist or exploiter of another woman.”
Related is this '75 quote from Andrea Dworkin that pulled. "“Our enemies — rapists and their defenders — not only go unpunished; they remain influential arbiters of morality"
"How ideological extremism on the other side makes ideological extremism on my side more relevant."
Reappraising Andrea Dworkin, and the sex wars.
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Read her stuff. It's better than you might be expecting.
“To treat her writing with curiosity and respect is itself a way of demonstrating indifference to male opinion”.