Just got word that Vanity Fair has disinvited The New York Times from covering their annual Oscars party. They said it "feels like the Times has already run their coverage of the VF party this year," they said. I guess we did!
This is the magazine and editor who put on a solo cover and invited a beautiful array of black and brown people last year. We had a helluva time. Funny how now it’s suddenly “lost its luster.” Luster for some. Closed doors now open for others.
My apologies to the New York Times reporter who has been disinvited from the Oscar party because of my and ’s reporting. You’re welcome to come to my apartment to watch with me & my kids. Not a single brand exec will be there!
Days after , whose mind is an early market indicator, messages me saying VF is now "7 banal articles and one masterpiece of social/family history" (code for news aggregation), the NYT expertly tears down its flattening cultural relevance.
I realize I’m a deeply unserious person, but a bitchy NYT story about how the Vanity Fair Party Sucks Now, Actually, is why I get out of bed in the morning.