I’ve signed this petition to revoke A50 and deal with the consequences afterwards - referendum, election, whatever. I have no idea whether these things do any good but after May’s astonishingly irresponsible speech this evening I’ll give anything a go.
OK - this Revoke Article 50 petition is on fire right now! 🔥 Sign and pass on...
Andrea Leadsom has said she’ll pay attention if the petition gets 17.4 million signatures. Gauntlet down everyone.
I have just signed this petition to #RevokeArticle50 it’s currently gaining 100k signatures an hour! Please join me, sign & share (the site keeps crashing under the traffic so stick with it)
Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
I have been told by a Tory MP that if this petition were to go viral again and gain a few more million we would tip the balance against Johnson in the HOC. Can we do that? It means a LOT of face-to-face canvassing for the next 9 days (???)
As a member of the Petitions Committee which considers petitions, I know how hard staff will be working to keep the site up & running. With almost 2000 names being added every minute, it’s the highest demand since the site was launched
Parliament has voted to rule out No Deal. It has voted to rule out the PM's Deal. Logically, that leaves only 'revoke', which Parliament has never voted on. Theresa May has ruled out 'revoke' but we don't live in a dictatorship. Sign so that she listens.
We firmly believe that revoking Article 50 is in the best interests of our NHS. Please sign this petition and RT if you do too. #RevokeA50Now
Vote Leave lied. Vote Leave broke the law. Vote Leave used digital tool now considered so perilous to democracy it’ll never be allowed to influence campaigns again. All this for 52%. 3 years on they’ve trashed our country. It’s time. #RevokeArt50Now
Obviously HMG was never going to reply to the Article 50 petition by saying “sure, good idea!” but it’s a politically courageous decision to email something quite this tone deaf to 5 million+ voters.
We need just 180K to get this over 💥6 MILLION💥 today. The Government’s dismissive response is irrelevant- they’re not in control of Brexit. We’re talking to MPs. This petition clocks up numbers in each and every constituency. 👍
Theresa May just said she knows exactly what the people want. So please make sure she does by: 1) signing this petition 2) coming on the #PutItToThePeople march on Saturday.
I’ve signed. And it looks like every sane person in the country is signing too. National emergency. Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions
An issue as big and important as Brexit should not come down to petitions - that said, if you are frustrated that the PM is just not listening, you can sign here.
Only 75,000 needed to sign to take the Revoke Article 50 petition to 6 million. The longer May refuses to listen, the louder the voices have to become. Do sign.
The arrogant dismissal of this petition has just lit a fire under it. If I could sign it again I would. But you can. If you haven't yet, please do.
I signed because if we let the people who lied and cheated to bring us into this mess win - they will lie and cheat even more in the future. And I do not want to live in Trumpland where lies are rewarded. Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions
For all of those unable to march today, please share this petition with everyone you know & keep tweeting! Nearly 4 million now! ❤️🇪🇺 #PeopleVoteMarch #PutItToThePeople #RevokeArticle50 #PeoplesVoteMarch
Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions - thank you ⁦⁩ for your hopeless & divisive speech tonight sending signatories to this #RevokeArticle50 petition through the roof. Please sign and retweet.
With the news that May will likely go next week, it’s important to continue to apply pressure for a more consensual approach. Whether that’s a referendum, EFTA, customs union I don’t know. The petition is first and foremost a call to pause and reflect
100k signatures in 12 hours. #RevokeArticle50 Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions
On the morning of the #PeoplesVoteMarch, the #RevokeA50Now petition hits FOUR MILLION signatures. If you can’t make it to London, please consider sharing this again across all your networks and encouraging everyone you know to sign it.
Wonder if it will hit 4 or 5 million by noon tomorrow for the start of It’s not too late to join us in London on Park Lane #PutItToThePeopleMarch
Five million people signed the petition to revoke article 50. Impressive! #petitiontorevokearticle50
With May’s deal down and a new no-deal deadline looming, it’s time to push this some more. 5.97 million signatures.
When I signed this petition to Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU last night it was at 85k - now it’s at >430k. And when I hear John Humphrys on ⁦⁩ say it’s only TM’s deal or no deal, I know we need to get to 1 million
And while we were distracted with the votes last night, the petition clocked over 5.9 million signatures. 6 million is a big milestone. Let’s push it hard.
My petition is approaching 200k and is going up at rocket speed - like 5k every 10 mins. Thought you might be interested.
If everybody who’s signed already could persuade just one other person to sign today, we’d be at 11 million this time tomorrow. Give it a go #RevokeArticle50
Now 4.8m signatures- let’s get it to 6 million today! I have tabled debate in the House of Lords tomorrow on revocation
With no money behind us, with the site constantly crashing, organically, we have 3.3m signatures in 2 days. Three weeks til we leave. Let's get to 17.5 million. Revoke is for everyone. Sign the petition Email your MP Please RT
Now 5.3 million signatures- let’s get it to 6 million today! I have tabled debate in the House of Lords today on revocation
Piers Morgan gets really annoyed at people signing this petition. So please don't sign it unless you really want to upset him...
🚨Government response🚨 5.7 Million signatures -breaking all records- and *this* is how they respond? 😡 Appallingly dismissive. And the reply comes from the Department for Exiting the EU. Conflict of interest, much? Answer- double down on campaigning:
We've picked the low hanging fruit but there's more to be done. So take your phone to church or the supermarket or Sunday league or the pub or the park and get six more people to sign. Revoke is for everyone. Sign Email your MP
Just FYI: The #RevokeArticle50 tag is trending on twitter and this petition has just shot up from 17K to 25K in the last hour or so. It was started two days ago.
Only 75k more signatures needed to take the petition over 5m. Time for another RT?
A million please. Let’s get this to a million. 8 days to go. No plan. No agreement on a deal. Grow up and stop this stupidity. Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
It’s at 3.85m signatures now... Let’s get it over 4m by tomorrow morning. How? Send the link to your family & friends individually. Ask them personally. Everyone aim to get 3-5 others signing... 🚀
I’ve signed this and, now I know that ⁦⁩ is on my side, I’m pretty sure she has too.
Just looked at this (Petition to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU). The number of signatories is going up by 2-3k per minute. Quite incredible.
Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
If you want a live graph of the petition, you can find it here: If you haven't signed it yet... then I think you should :) You can find it here:
My brother who voted leave and was an ardent Brexiteer has just signed the Revoke petition. I am so chuffed I am lost for words. 😎.
If revoking Article 50 is the only way to stop No Deal, we need to do so. If you agree you can join the three million people who have signed the petition here ⬇️
The Stop Brexit petition has unprecedented support at nearly 6 million. BUT This needs to go mega viral now. You know what to do. 3.2.1. Go. 🐦🐦🐦🐦 RETWEET 🐦🐦🐦🐦 Let's get that counter flying. Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
600,000 and counting. Keep going! Show what the public really wants.
Now at 3.7 million. Let’s get it to 5 million!
May’s cliff-edge ultimatum succeeds in sending hundreds of thousands to #RevokeA50 petition, as the scale of her catastrophe becomes impossible to hide. There are NO good Brexits. #StopBrexit
On the day of the #PeoplesVoteMarch, the #RevokeArticle50 petition has now hit 4.5 million signatures. Please retweet this and share across all your social networks and encourage everyone you know to sign it.
Petitions are a great way to exercise democracy. I highly recommend it. I don’t think this one is going to get to a high enough number to make a difference, but if it does, I think it might go something like this...
Noticed a lot less people are sharing the #RevokeArt50Now petition Let's keep it up. Let's get to 5 million by the end of the day!
This UK Government petition to revoke Article 50 might just be gaining signatures faster than any before it. Once you've signed, refresh to see the numbers soar.
Petition: #RevokeArticle50 and remain in the #EU. 60,000 or so people have signed this petition today. Let's get it to 100,000 tonight. #MayMustGo
Please can you sign and share as widely as possible. We want a really big number for the 1st April. They turned the petition down BEFORE they even debated it lol.
In #WestminsterHall to speak in the debate on the “Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU” petition - when a petition has been signed by over 6 million people, it is a disgrace it is not being debated in the main chamber of the ⁦⁩!
Almost 10 per cent of the voting population have now signed. Join us!
This is now running at over 7,000 signatures an hour - please keep the momentum going - and share everywhere you can - the bigger the number the better #StopBrexitSaveBritain #RevokeA50 #FBPE
More people have now signed the #RevokeArticle50 petition than the entire population of Scotland. Extraordinary.
So police now estimate 2 million in the #PeopleVoteMarch today - double the anti Iraq War March. And the#petitiontorevokearticle50 nearly at 5 million. Farage and his hard Brexiters amassed 60 people and half a dozen ViziNazis The people are speaking.
#RevokeA50 petition crossed 3.5m! It’s the FASTEST GROWING in history and if you get it over 4.1m it’ll be the BIGGEST PETITION ever on the govt’s own site. May said the country wants Brexit?! We don’t think so! What do you say?👇
The Revoke Article 50 petition is now on 🌟5.2 million🌟 signatures. You can sign it here: Meanwhile, here’s some different time-lapse footage from the #PeoplesVoteMarch. This time coming from the back:
Revocation belongs to all of us It's amazing that almost 1.2 million of us have signed the call for Parliament to revoke the Article 50 Notice to avoid No Deal. Please add your name.
Important fact Only 20% of the UK uses Twitter That means a max on 13m people It is very important that the #RevokeArt50Petition spreads off twitter and on to streets
Please try and spread the word that ALL UK citizens and residents can sign the petition. So if you have kids, ask if they wan to.
Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions -So close to 6 million now - worth signing still if you haven’t already
As you travel to the march today make sure everyone on the coach or train has signed. We are not optimistic. We are not pessimistic. We are determined. Revoke is for everyone. Sign the petition Email your MP Please RT
Woop woop woop!!!!! 💥🔥 F O U R🔥💥 💥🔥 M I L L I O N 🔥💥 💥🔥 S I G N A T U R E S 🔥💥 Please keep signing & sharing! 👊 #RevokeArticle50Petition #PutItToThePeople
BREAKING from The #RevokeArticle50 petition has become the most popular in history. #PutItToThePeopleMarch #PutItToThePeople #PeoplesVoteMarch #TIG
Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
If the #RevokeArticle50 petition were an EU Member State, it would now be bigger than: 🇨🇮Ireland 🇭🇷Croatia 🇱🇹Lithuania 🇸🇮Slovenia 🇱🇻Latvia 🇪🇪Estonia 🇨🇾Cyprus 🇱🇺Luxembourg 🇲🇹Malta #Brexit #PeoplesVote #PeoplesVoteMarch #PutItToThePeople
I just learned that as long as you’re a British citizen you can sign the #StopBrexit petition - even if you live overseas! I just did & hope my fellow expats will do the same
Last year the #ScottishSix fought the UK Govt to get #CJEU ruling that #Art50 could be unilaterally #revoked . Thanks to us the UK has a lifeline.Sign this petition & tell ⁦ to take it 👇⁩ #Brexit #ConstitutionalCrisis
I have signed this petition & encourage my followers to do so too. Our duty to the country
1.5M signatures. joked in the commons that if it got 17.4M signatures the commons might table it. Wouldn't it be nice if the joke was on her... PLease sign #RevokeArticle50Petition #RevokeArticle50Now
Let’s help our Govt do the right thing by signing this Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
I’m not marching today because the financial hit from #Brexit means we can’t afford the journey. Every tweet I see & share this morning is a knife in my heart. So do me a favour...if you haven’t already signed the #Revoke petition, please do so. #Remain
Now 3.9 million signatures. Let’s get it to 5 million
Now 5 million signatures- let’s get it to 6 million today! I have tabled debate in the House of Lords tomorrow on revocation
3 things you can do to #StopBrexit 1. Sign & share #RevokeArticle50 petition (now at 2.7m) 2. Email your MP to #justmakeitstop 3. Join the #PutItToThePeople march - 12pm tomorrow, London. Let's make it impossible to ignore!
It is clear that Brexit cannot be implemented by our government without causing damage to our country. Brexit is an act of self harm. The only good deal is the deal of EU membership. Sign the petition to revoke Article 50 and join the 440,000 signatures.
Two million signatures and counting. Let’s keep this going strong. Please sign via the link below and RT to help raise awareness: #RevokeArticle50Petition
So very nearly 4m! Not a whisper but a roar: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions
🇪🇺Right , friends, I have now got 3 people in Aldi to sign the #RevokeArticle50Petition ~ they had not realised it was up and running still 🇬🇧 TALK to people ASK people TELL people!
This petition got more votes than the Brexit Party. #StopBrexit
On #BrexitDay let's get this over 7 million If ever there was a time to sign a petition it is now! Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
You see guys? It works... Keep those #RevokeArt50Petition signatures coming:
Saw this in my local pharmacy just now.😱 This is real. This is now. And it's just the beginning. #ThisIsBrexit Pick a side #NHSvBrexit #DyingForBrexit #MarchForChange ➡️
Andrea Leadsome just said in the House of Commons that they will take action on the Revoke petition when it reaches 17.4 million. Direct democracy can access EU legislature with a petitions reaching 1M signatures. Get signing people! #DictatorMay
On the day of the #PeoplesVoteMarch, the #RevokeArticle50 petition has hit 𝟒 𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐨𝐧 signatures. Please retweet this and share across all your social networks and encourage everyone you know to sign it.
With rogue PM May preparing to throw our country over the cliff next week, recommend you sign this
Holey moley!!!!! 💥🔥 T H R E E 🔥💥 💥🔥 M I L L I O N 🔥💥 💥🔥 S I G N A T U R E S 🔥💥 Please keep signing & sharing! 👊 #RevokeArticle50Petition #PutItToThePeople
Just Make It Stop. #RevokeA50 petition gathered thousands of votes last night after May went rogue. Sign, share and come with all your friends, family & colleagues to the #PeoplesVoteMarch on Saturday. Let’s make signatures & turnout a million.
The petition to #RevokeArticle50 has now passed the 4,151,000 mark. It is officially the largest online petition in UK history! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
846787 mofos have signed the petition. Don't click the link to the petition unless you haven't signed it!
The Revoke petition has now passed 3 million signatures. It’s not too late to join the party. Let’s make this our own People’s Vote
If you want to watch the numbers going up without crashing the site, you can do so here. If you haven’t signed the petition, crack on. You can do that here
We are a whisker away from an astonishing: 💥🔥 F I V E🔥💥 💥🔥 M I L L I O N 🔥💥 💥🔥 S I G N A T U R E S 🔥💥 Please keep signing & sharing! 👊 #RevokeArticle50Petition #PutItToThePeople
Calling all those who wish to #RemainInTheEU. If you haven't signed this petition yet, PLEASE DO. Let's remind there's no homogenous "will of the people" & that she wasn't given a mandate to screw the country for decades. #RevokeArt50Now
Nearly 6 million! Share as far & wide as possible today! Given how much effort went into keeping #PeoplesVoteMarch off the front pages on Sunday, it is clear this is causing a stir... #RevokeArticle50 #RevokeA50 #indicativevotes
The power of the internet ladies and gentlemen. If you agree with this petition and haven't done so already please sign it, it takes less than a minute. #RevokeArt50Now
How can you help? Firstly, please consider signing the petition to revoke Article 50: Secondly, please join the march this Saturday 23 March in Central London.
We don’t promote every petition, because there are so many. But this one is has really taken off - about to hit 400,000 signatures. So let’s get behind it. Please sign and share: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
Nearly 5 million signatures now! Have you signed?
Sign this. Share this. Like and retweet this: Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. 300,000 signatures in a few hours and growing fast. It’s time to #StopBrexit and #Remain.
Have you signed and shared this? Join over 2 million people who have added their name in the last couple of days ->>>
43,000 to go to 6 Million. We can do this! Please keep sharing. #RevokeArticle50 #RevokeArticle50Petition #Brexit #BrexitDay #RemainDay #GeneralElection #VoteNo29March
Holy wow. When I signed last night there were 170k signatures. It just passed half a million. Come on folks. Spread the word - is 20 million too much to ask??
You look away from the petition website for a few minutes and its rushed up another few thousand......
IT'S HIT 5 MILLION! Well done guys this is great timing! Let's keep going. If you haven't signed, PLEASE I beseech you to get signing. If you have signed, please share! We can do this! #RevokeArt50Petition
You may not be aware that the government’s own lawyer has now admitted in court that the referendum was so riddled with illegality that had it been binding it would have been declared void by the courts. Sign the Revoke petition now and take back control
It now comes down to a brutal choice: no Brexit or no deal. To help avoid the national calamity of no deal, please sign this petition
If you haven’t signed yet and you want your voice heard, why not sign this. Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
I've watched this petition to revoke Brexit climb by 15,000 in the last few minutes, now well over 200k. Push it to a million. Scream it. There is no time.
By the end of today this petition, which has only been open for a matter of days, could become the most voted-for Government petition in history. It's currently in second place... Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
“I’m on your side” seems to be provoking a predictable response.
Since your speech last night , ONE MILLION PEOPLE say you don’t speak for them.
They promised you brexit would improve your lives and now they’re stockpiling body bags. Sign the fucking petition.
Now on 5.99 million signatures! Nearly there, people....
Generally not up for signing petitions but this has got such critical mass that if we keep pushing...logic may re enter this shitshow Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
God knows we've tried everything else. 600k signatures and rising by 2k a minute. Sign it, click the link in the email to verify, pass it on. A brief use of collective impotent fury and a tiny squeak into the black holes of our futures, but it's something.
Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petition It’s now up to 1.5 million! Let’s make it 2 million before breakfast tomorrow RT!
Only stubborness makes us press on with a worse deal than we currently have...lets not let stubborness make lives worse. Please sign Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
3.6 million signatures to #RevokeArticle50. Let’s keep this going and get 17.4 million signatures. Please retweet this and sign the petition.
#RevokeA50Now petition is back and up to 750,000, despite site being down all morning. Please share so more people can sign (let’s get this to a million today), but PLEASE resist the temptation to keep checking numbers. I will provide an hourly update.
And that link again
🖌RT and share: The parliamentary petition to revoke Article 50 is gathering signatures at an astonishing rate - my own constituency scoring very high - let’s get it to 1,000,000 by the end of today.
The PM said MPs must listen to constituents. I believed that any responsible PM wouldn’t allow the UK to crash out with No Deal so I supported an extension of A50. My constituents today deluged me with emails to revoke A50. So next week I will do that.
NEWS! The Revoke Article 50 petition soars past 500,000! Sign it here:
Now 1.3m signatures. Let’s get it to 2 million soonest!
👉If you need to sign , refresh page! 👉To check number of signatures, please follow instead: decreases server traffic = hopefully more people can sign! #RevokeArticle50 #RevokeA50Now #RevokeA50 #RevokeArticle50Now
We campaign, we marched, we petitioned. It sometimes feels fruitless, but today we’re NOT leaving the EU, so there is still hope that we can #StopBrexit and #RevokeArticle50. Happy #RemainDay! And go sign the #RevokeA50 petition!
Were you mis-sold Brexit? Find out by filling in this simple form, you might be eligible for a revocation (17.4m were mis-sold Brexit in 2016. Your home might be at risk if you don't do something about it)
Were you mis-sold Brexit? Find out by filling in this simple form, you might be eligible for a revocation (17.4m were mis-sold Brexit in 2016. Your home might be at risk if you don't do something about it)
Petition to Revoke Article 50. Let's push this really hard to help make revoking Article 50 a mainstream option. We need to do this fast. #RevokeArticle50 #RevokeA50 #Brexit
Now 2.3 million signatures - let’s make it 3 million this morning!
Meanwhile, get your colleagues and commuters to sign the Petition calling on the PM to take the only course that hasn't been rejected by MPs. Revoke is for everyone. Sign the petition Email your MP Please RT
1 woman started this. Over 6.1 million have signed. The Government refused to listen. #Remain+#RemainerNow MP's told us to keep going! If you want to #StopNoDealBrexit there are only 2 days left to sign.🙏Keep sharing #RecallNow #RevokeA50 #UniteToRemain
This is now the 2nd largest petition ever listed on Parliament’s site. Getting to no1 would send a powerful message. Please sign and keep sharing.
I've always valued my independence as a hack, for the 25 years I've been in the business. But I signed this tonight as a human. Fuck Brexit
We spent a year in the courts to secure the ability to revoke Article 50. Let’s use that power. 200,000 signatories & rising.
I have signed this petition to remain in the E.U. It now has over 2m signatures. I was surprised but pleased to see ⁦⁩ ‘s name just above mine.
Staying up to watch the anti-Brexit petition hit 300,000 PURELY on the basis of Theresa May's shit-show statement is my new jam
Almost six million sign a petition. A million march. Opinion polls show a majority for remain. Why doesn’t May care?
The #RevokeArticle50 petition has now hit a staggering 5 million signatures. Please retweet this and share across all your social networks and encourage everyone you know to sign it. Let’s get 10 million signatures.
I've just signed this. #RevokeArticle50
Breaking news: REVOKE IS NOW THE LARGEST PETITION EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Signed it yet If no please sign now and RT link below 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
Never seen this before: 17,222 signatures in the last hour! At 86,459 signatures now, so less than an hour to reach the 100K. Then let's not stop. Make it at least bigger than the 369,001 signatures for 'Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019'.
Now at 2.6 million. Let’s get it to 3 million by mid-morning & 5 million by end of today!
Heading off to #PeoplesVoteMarch ONE crimininally cheated vote three years ago is not democracy. (Since Godwin's law suspended let's recall the Nazis won one vote and never allowed a free election ever again). Let the people speak #Revoke #Investigate
The #RevokeArticle50 petition is now the fastest rising one, please sign if you haven't already
If you are now sick of the chaos in Westminster & shocked by #BrexitStorm tonight, then please take action by signing & sharing the Revoke Article 50 & Remain in the EU petition: #IndicativeVotes2
Now 5.4 million signatures- let’s get it to 6 million today! I have tabled debate in the House of Lords today on revocation
6 million signed this petition to revoke Art50 if needed to stop a ‘no deal’ Brexit . will vote for ’s amendment that meets this call. Tory MPs,save for cabinet,have a free vote. Lab MPs are whipped NOT to support it. Speechless
Let’s get this Petition rocking again this morning: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. #RevokeArt50Now
Revoke Article 50 and #Remain in the EU. This is already the biggest petition ever. Ten days to go until it closes. Keep it growing. Ask friends, family and colleagues to sign to help #StopBrexit. Please RT, like, sign and share
The petition's about to hit five million. Notably fewer people going "Hahaha tell me when it hits 17m" now
I am asking you all to please sign & share this petition far & wide Regardless of what says Keep on signing and sharing as much as possible Please keep your checking of the figures to a minimum please as we do not want to crash the website
Petition is at 5.5 million. Keep passing it on. Get your pals, your family, your work colleagues to sign. Don’t give up.
New song: YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE Brexit has failed; time to put it out of its misery. Sign the #RevokeArticle50 petition: Join the #PutItToThePeople march, London March 23rd:
Now nearly two and a half million. Do sign
While Commons debates ‘indicative votes’ round two - the 6million+ #petitiontorevokearticle50 is shuffled into Westminster Hall until 7:30pm. MPs from will be fighting for these voices to be heard - and making the case to stay in EU #ChangeUK
My email inbox receiving hundreds of emails from constituents who have signed this petition
Please help us reach 6.1m or more by Aug 20th - expiry date. This is now a political statement to rebut government claims remainers no longer exist! Please RT to rescue the UK from the fascists!
Currently 1,185,546 signatures, going at ~57,626 per hour! Sign here: #RevokeArticle50Petition #stopbrexit #RevokeA50Now
We got to 4 million!!! Now let’s March! #PeopleVoteMarch #RevokeArticle50
BREAKING: . has just said in the House of Commons that he is prepared to table a Motion on behalf of the #SNP to #RevokeArticle50 .
1005127 mofos have signed the petition. Don't click the link to the petition unless you haven't signed it!
We have just hit 5 million!!!! Please please please sign the #petitiontorevokearticle50 This might be our last chance to be heard. Use it.
Some time today, over 6 million people will have signed the Revoke Article 50 Petition.
Regardless of if you think signing this will make any difference or not, if that photo of an egg can get 53m likes on Instagram, this is surely at least due 18m signatures. #RevokeArt50Now
Please keep persevering with the revoke petition The site has been stripped = faster Swines at 4Chan are doing two things 1- They are doing a DDOS to bring the site down 2- They are doing fake signatures trying spike it when the Parliament cleans it up
This has put on 10,000 in the last hour or so. Let’s go for it! Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions
Petition still growing at a rate of ~1000 signatures per minute. [And no, Leavers, they are not all bots.] People, please sign to make it to 5 million before I go to bed.
💥 It's back up 💥 🔥 650k sigs and soaring 🔥 It keeps crashing briefly - but keep trying, keep sharing, be heard 👊🇪🇺🇬🇧
Was at 16k this morn and now on 77k
Happy to join the more than 4 million people who have now signed the petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. Best wishes to everyone at the #PeoplesVoteMarch. Please retweet, share and sign the petition. #RevokeArticle50
The #RevokeArt50Petition breaks the 4 million barrier! So proud to be part of the #ScottishSix who created this opportunity. Lets get it to 5 million! #Brexit #PutitothePeople
Westminster Hall debate on Monday on the 5.7m strong revoke Article 50 petition
Between the end of Theresa May's speech and the start of #newsnight This petition has had ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT THOUSAND SIGNATURES. That, Prime Minister, is what the people think of your #Brexit. We do not want it. We want a democratic vote #PeoplesVote!
My #MondayMotivation this #MondayMorning is the #RevokeArticle50Petition... Clocking in at >6 signatures per second - and now over 5.39 million signatures! 🔥 Get your colleagues at work to sign today. This one has smashed all records
This is getting a thousand signatures a minute. Add yours here 👇
#RevokeArticle50 petition now at 5,700,976. This really is the people's petition. Revoking Article 50 has received almost zero support from politicians. It is the grassroots speaking, and it's time for the Westminster elite to listen. #Brexit #FBPE
696K and crashed again. Must be the hundreds of thousands of us watching the counter in admiration & awe! #TakeItToAMillion ..
Please sign and pass on by every means possible, new and rapidly rising number of signatures. For the sake of everyone. #Petition: Revoke #Article50 and remain in the #EU.
❌PM has lost it ❌Parliament in chaos ❌Brexit job losses over 200k ❌Millions of people in crisis ❌No “good brexit” possible ✅#VoteLeaveLies exposed ✅#RevokeA50 petition: HIGHEST RATE OF SIGNUPS IN HISTORY #LetUsDecide #PeoplesVote #OptionToRemain
This is amazing. Please sign and share this petition ahead of tomorrow’s indicative votes on #Brexit. #Cardiff leading the way in Wales. #CardiffNorth
Andrea Leadsom's response to SNP MP about the Revoke Article 50 #petition: "Should it reach more than 17.4m respondents I am sure there would be a very clear case for taking action." Twitter, you know what you've got to do: #RevokeArticle50
It should get over the 6 million today. Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions
Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. I note that nearly 4m people have now signed this petition. With this level of feeling, it is important that we at least let the people have a say over the final deal the Prime Minister has negotiated.
💥 KERBOOM!!!!! 💥 🔥This is absolutely incredible! 🔥 🇪🇺❤️ F I V E M I L L I O N!!!! ❤️🇪🇺 Please keep signing & sharing 💪
Momentum dropping for the petition as time goes on but the Indicative Votes mean that we are closer to revoking Article 50 than ever before. 6million signatures would be phenomenal. Let's push; offline channels are more important now. #TuesdayThoughts
In the time it took me to sign the petition & compose a tweet about it, another 33,280 folk signed it. It would be great to see more from the Highlands & Islands on the map! 3,304,581 signatures and growing.
Whoah 213,590 - this is huge. Please share and sing❣️ Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions
500,000! Mostly since May uttered her garbage that she speaks for all of us. Let's make this huge
5.7 million. “Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU”. - Petitions
Nearly 5 million : keep going keep sharing : Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions
This petition went through 100k at 20.33 tonight and has just gone through 300K at 23.55 - that's an average of 1000 signatures per minute. Not too bad but nowhere near crashing the site - you all need to try harder tomorrow.
Petition to "revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU" is closing in on 4 million signatures. Can we make it 5 million by the end of the day? Perhaps today's the day to help less tech savvy friends and family to sign it? Please keep spreading the word.
The petition to revoke Art 50 now has over 6 million signatures. That’s greater than 12 countries in the EU’s total populations! If you haven’t signed it, or asked a friend then do so today.
4.2 million signatures on the #RevokeArticle50 #revokea50petition - good luck on the #MarchAgainstBrexit today everyone, would love to join you but I'm climbing a small mountain! 😬
Let's clear 5 million
Those who took the trouble to come from all over the country to march on Saturday might reasonably have thought that the Government would take note of them. It has not. More important now than ever that we all sign this petition. Share it widely please.
There are currently 6,052,577 signatures on the #RevokeArticle50 petition as of 6:30pm, Apr 02 2019. Not signed it yet? Click here
Amazing! The huge #RevokeA50 petition is now even more massive. An enormous 6,100,300 people have now signed. It closes in three days, so keep it growing to show that Britain wants to #StopBrexit.
Government terrified of a 2nd ref and we all know why. GET THIS PETITION ROCKETING AGAIN TO PILE ON THE PRESSURE.
Tell them again (SIGH) - we voted for Remain parties rather than YOU because.............................WE WANT TO REMAIN: Sign and share away till they get the message loud and clear.
The petition to #RevokeArticle50Now has reached nearly 2.5 million signatures. And attached via the No10 response. (The correct way of thinking is apparently that the prime minister tells us the will of the people, not the other way round)
Wowzers, people!!!!!! 💥🔥 TWO 🔥💥 💥🔥 M I L L I O N 🔥💥 💥🔥 S I G N A T U R E S 🔥💥 #RevokeArticle50Petition #PutItToThePeople
There are currently 6,071,908 signatures on the #RevokeArticle50 petition as of 9:30pm, Apr 09 2019. Not signed it yet? Click here
6,070,154 and climbing! In hundreds of constituencies, more people have signed the #RevokeArticle50 petition than the MP's majority. Don't for a second think MPs aren't aware of this. And waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. Keep going!
Working again now. Get signing!
E-mail from friend: "I voted leave, but we're in such a parlous situation that I've signed the petition. Well done you for pushing it." #PutitothePeople
As the #RevokeArticle50 petition closes in on 6 million, Barry Gardiner has just been on #r4today calling it an 'extreme position' and saying 'Labour is a Leave party'. Well I'm not a Leave voter Barry! 😡
So far, 12825 of Dominic Raab's constituents sighed the #RevokeArticle50Petition and want him to #StopBrexit ! That's >16% of his electorate !!! The #RevokeArticle50Petition is now almost at 4.4 million ! If you haven't signed, please do so ... and #RT
Tonight it feels as if petition signing really is a high priority. Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
#RevokeArticle50 Fastest growing petition ever! Sign before the website crashes.
Please sign this petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
Apparently Andrea Leadsome has promised to take it seriously if it gets to 17.4 million... so lets do it!
Going viral NOW! Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
In the UK? Think Brexit needs to end? Then you must sign this petition now. Or do you want to be in the minority again?
So the #RevokeArticle50 petition is growing at about 20 votes per second. If it continued at that rate it will reach 17.4 million people on 30th March, i.e. the day after we leave the EU without a deal. Oh the irony! #RevokeA50Now #RevokeArt50 #Brexitcast
You’ve all probably signed already, but, Yesterday was moving, but may not change anything. Neither might this petition. But in current moral/leadership vacuum, and with what’s at stake, we have to do something to show dismay and a preferred way forward
Past 3 million votes now. After months of being buffeted by electoral chaos, watching poor leadership from the sidelines, without being able to influence decision making, here is a chance to make your view clear.
It would probably need more than the 17,410,742 leave votes in the referendum to make any difference, but I signed this anyway.
3.3 million. I make that past 1 in 20 UK residents. Can we get it to 1 in 10? It's not impossible. Even knocking 10% off as nonsense, it's still big. You haven't signed? Get your skates on. And then write to your MP.
This petition has legs. Currently 150 sigs/second. That’s 12million a day. Already over 700,000. Keep it going. Government can repeat its vote in one month until it gets its way. Why can’t we in 3 years? Sign and share on all media. Let’s hit 18million.
If you are a uk resident or citizen please consider 3.7 mil signatures so far Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions
If there was ever a time to sign something this is it. Thousands of signatures being added per hour. Takes less than a minute to do it. #StopBrexit #Signthepetition #Petition
Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
Look how fast the signatures going up on this petition to revoke. 10000 in last 10 mins. Anyone have a way to graph it?
Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. -1.75 million signatures and counting.. Please add yours for freedom, peace or even just to put the weather back at the core of every conversation in the country
Now 5.5M have signed this. A way out of the contradictions and waste of Brexit. If you haven’t already, please consider signing. Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions
My daughters have signed this petition: no age limit for parliamentary petitions, so this is an opportunity for those without a voice in the original Brexit vote to makes your views known!
I don't normally do v. personal tweets but am making an exception - if you are a UK citizen please sign the petition to revoke article 50 and stay in the EU
Momentum is building, nearly 3 million people have already signed the petition to revoke article 50 and allow the UK to stay within the EU. There isn't a form of Brexit that will be to our betterment, sign the petition today and let us end this madness👇  
Over 200,000 and gaining at about 1000 a minute; let’s get it over a million. SIGN AND RETWEET.
Yup, . It's now more than a petition... We're now using it as a fully-fledged pro-EU campaigning tool on the constituency level. See for example: So don't forget to get everyone to sign it! Link here:
This can go to 17m - the weekend is for emailing. After that hit the phones...
Attention Remainers! One last big push on the A50 petition. Please 👀 through your email address-book and send to more people you haven’t contacted before, share it on Facebook, remind them to confirm email after and send on to others #YourCountryNeedsYou
Four million signatures and counting. If you haven’t had a chance to sign the petition to revoke Article 50, please take a few seconds to do it today. Please also RT to remind others to do the same. #PutItToThePeople #PeopleVoteMarch
I want a #PeoplesVote. On Sat I’ll be marching for it. But if the PM won’t listen then we need to #RevokeArt50!!
Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions
Today I chatted with a leave-voting delivery driver. We didn't agree on everything but he said he'd now like to see #Brexit scrapped so we could all "get back to normal". He said he's going to sign the petition. If we all had that one conversation ...
Ahead of the march this Saturday please help get this up to a million signatures They are no longer capable of delivering anything, for anyone. The country is in chaos We need to do the only sensible thing & #RevokeArticle50 Please sign & share
I rarely sign petitions, but I've signed this one. Up to you if you want to do likewise.
This one is getting support they can't ignore - it's unprecedented. Please sign and share
I haven’t signed it but I know a lot of people who want to .....
Meanwhile, Farage has started a petition which around 70 people signed then he removed his name, left them to it and said more people couldn’t sign it because of “security concerns”. Revoke Art50 petition now over 3million. Please sign if you haven’t.
Revoke and remain. Sign the petition.
This is now exploding - I missed the 50k, sign, retweet
Sign the petition. but write, email, text, Facebook message, tweet and WhatsApp your MP with the same message too. #RevokeA50Now #RevokeArt50 #Revoke #RevokeArticle50Now
The petition's now at 4m, and the march starts at noon on Park Lane. Brexit is a disaster, and we deserve better. No more of this astonishing bullshit. I've signed, I'm marching. Making my flask of tea now.
A smug Andrea Leadsom threw down the gauntlet in Parliament yesterday saying if viral online Petition to #RevokeArticle50 passes 17.4m “there would be a clear case for taking action.” Its hit 2.6m signatures 24 hours
The petition has definitely slowed down, which is a bit odd for something that the Brexiters insist is driven by bots and foreign actors (with no evidence of course). Come on, everyone keep sharing and get the voting totals rising!
I have managed to get everyone at work to sign the petition. (They’re not on social media) Including the Brexity ones. Quite remarkable really. ❤️💪🏼
This needs 44k signatures to get to 6 MILLION! It's already the biggest and fastest growing petition in parliamentary history but let's hit that mark before the vote at 12.30. Have your colleagues signed it? Have your neighbours, friends and family? RT
Do 2 things today to stop Brexit - march in London & sign this petition!
My sister hates politics. She voted to Leave as her partner did. She has never signed a petition. BUT, she has signed this! Don't assume, ask everyone you know how they feel about Brexit now & ask them to sign! #BrexitDay
Just another 14.4 million to go, my lovely Remoaner chums! Keep on signing!
I've never seen a petition grow at the speed this one is growing at right now. Please build the swell: be part of this!
If I were Margaret Georgiadou right now, I would be picking out the hat I want to wear when they model my statue for Parliament Square. Please keep signing - for her, for all of us, for the country, for Europe, for the world.
Nearly there! 5.99m people have now signed the petition to #Remain.🚀 Let’s stop this shambles. Drive this to a huge 💥SIX MILLION💥 to help Revoke Article 50. Please sign, share, like and retweet. And ask friends, family and colleagues to sign too.👍
If you want to stay in Europe click here and send a message. That simple. Check your junk mail for the verification e-mail. Who knows where it might stop? If polls are right and Britain's changed its mind let's beat Gangnam style for hits and melt the web
Now at 2.8 million. Let’s get it to 3 million by mid-morning & 5 million by end of today!
Astonishing. This is going up by about 100 every second.
To all Mums. Please give your children the same gift of freedom of movement as you have had. Sign the petition #MothersDay #MotheringSunday #6,000,000
“Should it reach 17.4 million respondents then I am sure there will be a very clear case for taking action" - Andrea Leadsom. She thought it would never happen. Make those words come back to haunt her. Let’s get 17.4 million signatures on this petition.
The #RevokeArticle50 petition has reached 5,935,073. Let's give it a big push to get it to 6 million. Please share the petition as widely as possible. And on Twitter please don't just RT, share it in your own tweets. #Brexit #FBPE
This one is still running till 20th August Please SIGN it! It would be great if we had more signatures on here than the Brexit Party gets in the EU Election just held If you have already signed it , please RT it. RT it even if you have RTd it before
Attention Remainers!!!!! Petition to revoke Article 50 now at 6,079,958 signatures!!! Please keep signing and retweeting it and getting as many people as you know to sign it #RevokeArticle50 #FBPE #StopBrexitNow
ITV, the Daily Mirror & the Mail on Sunday are covering the #RevokeArticle50 petition reaching 6 million. But I can't find anything about it on the website. #Brexit
Keep sharing and signing this as will give other MPs the space they need to back our #RevokeArticle50 efforts!
I urge all Leavers who are unhappy with how Brexit has been mismanaged to sign this petition. We need to stop the clock & re-think before even more damage is done to our country. Sign & RT
If PMs #WithdrawalAgreement fails again I’m supporting #BennAmendment. But indicative votes MUST address the withdrawal agreement not just the non binding political declaration. So, not surprised millions are signing the petition #RevokeArt50Now
Everything has Changed. When you get 1.4m people marching and the biggest petition of all time there can be no doubt: Our Country rejects Brexit. #PutIttothePeople #IAmStopBrexit
So many people have signed this petition now we could form a human chain from Edinburgh - Belfast - Cardiff - London - Edinburgh. Seven times over. It's not just any old petition, it is a rejection of Brexit shambles. Please sign and share 👇
Be ahead of the curve. Sign this!
Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions
It’s over 5.85 million now. And it doesn’t matter what Govt/DExEU say - they’re no longer in control of the process. Just keep signing:
I was less than two weeks away from being able to vote on Brexit in 2016 and I would have voted to stay. There are now two and a half years worth of new people who didn't get a say. Where's our vote? #RevokeArt50Now #PeoplesVote #PeopleVoteMarch
Now at 3 million. Let’s get it to 5 million by end of today!
After tonight’s address by the PM it’s clear we wont get a People’s Vote. #RevokeArticle50 is possible. There may not be much we can do but you sure as hell can sign a petition. Do it now and share Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions
Sign & RT. No Brexit Deal can honour the Referendum promises. Let’s stay in the EU and save the UK from becoming poorer, weaker & more divided.
Leader of the H of C’s Andrea Leadsom just gave an assurance in Parliament that if the viral online Petition to #RevokeArticle50 reaches more then 17.4m “there would be a clear case for taking action.” It’s had almost a Million signatures in a few hours!
This will hit 4.1 million and will then become the biggest petition in history just in time for the march! Let's get it to 5 million! Rt & Sign #RevokeArticle50
Sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign
Staying in the EU is still the best option for musicians. Sign the petition to revoke Article 50 & remain in the EU → #RevokeA50Now #WorkingInTheEU
I haven't retweeted this for a while
NEW incentives to sign #RevokeArticle50Petition announced: 4 million: Farage shits the bed 5 million: Rees-Mogg no deal hedge fund crashes 6 million: Hartley-Brewer spontaneously combusts 🔥🔥🔥
Huge. Now over 4.7 MILLION signatures on the petition to Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. Let’s get it to FIVE MILLION. Along with the million+ on the march, politicians will have to take note. Please RT, like and comment to help spread the word.
Saboteurs! We have petition fatigue, but let’s do this. Please. I beg you. Let’s send a message to that disgraceful woman. 🇪🇺 Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
Today of all days, we need to get this petition to 6 million! Have you asked all your friends, family & work colleagues to sign it? Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions
#RevokeArticle50 petition at 5,940,93. Please keep on sharing it as far and wide as possible to hit 6 million ASAP! #Brexit #PeoplesVote
Holy Moly. 80k at 8 pm 🔽 250k at 11pm. That’s 170k in 3 HOURS I don’t know what you are all on but keep taking it. Keep doing it. Keep doing a bit more. Give it welly. Share it. Friends. Family. Strangers. 1 mill by Sat. If you can’t march sign
3.5 million Brits have signed a petition to revoke Brexit. Parliament considers petitions with more than 100K votes for debate. Earlier today there was so much traffic Parliament’s website went down. Total population in the UK is 66 million.
This link is working again. Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions
This is so close to 6 millions now. Don’t slacken y’all.
The scary thing about this petition is that politicians can actually see how many people in their constituency voted. Most MPs have a narrow majorities and even a 2% swing puts them in trouble. Sign and RT today...
I think this is what is called contempt We employ them, they are OUR servants - NOT our masters! This insulting reply deserves another 6m signatures, at least, so sign, sign, share, share, share!
Important There are a lot people who don't have the internet & email Most but not all are older people We know a lot of them like my 92 year old gran want to sign the #RevokeArt50Now petition Go & see them with your phones or tablets & help them sign
There are now 6,093,235 signatures on the #RevokeArticle50 petition as of 9:00am, Jul 27 2019. Not signed it yet? Click here: #StopBrexit
Sheer damage of a crash-out no-deal #Brexit is so obvious - yet still some MPs prepared to contemplate it! If we can’t get proper A50 extension at EU Summit, then MPs must consider #revoke for a #PeoplesVote Look at massive public concern about this!➡️
PLEASE sign this, in the hope that we can forget about the whole thing, let out a sigh of relief, and just go for a pint. #brexit #brexitpetition #RevokeArt50Now #uk #news #europe #eu #Article50 #BrexitExtension #BrexitVote #bbcqt
It crashed but it’s up again. Let’s get it to a million.
We crashed the Govt Petitions site with our demand for the ‘Revoke Article 50’ petition that’s rocketed up 600,000 in one day. Link:
I have signed petition to revoke Art 50: 1. Leave campaign, & latterly govt, had years to ensure an orderly exit 2. No mandate for no deal exists nor has it ever 3. Time has now elapsed. If leave campaigners want another bite, plan better next time
Fastest signing rate since April. Please share
Come on guys , fellow remainers ... anyone not signed yet? - lots more pro-EU in the North , Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
Amazing. 3.6m people have signed the petition to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. That’s the fastest-growing petition the UK has ever seen. Let’s drive it to 4.1m to make it the biggest ever. Please sign, retweet and share across social media.
Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petition —> This petition looks set to pass 100,000 in under 24 hours. Please sign and RT.
The #RevokeArticle50 petition is tantalizingly close to 6 million but going up only slowly. Could , , help us get the petition out beyond the Remainer activist bubble? #Brexit
If you voted remain, sign this. If you’ve voted leave but changed your mind, sign this. If you weren’t allowed to vote in 2016 because of your age, sign this. still refuses to call a #peoplesvote so this is as close as we can get (for now)
If you can’t make the #PeoplesVoteMarch today - and if like me, you were too young to have a say but had your future decided by illegal money, corruption and lies - then sign this petition! Watching it grow is crazy!
Proud of this petition success. Had we not taken our court case to the ECJ I’m sure it would not be a serious option. Congrats ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
Seems like an opportune moment to resend this...
10,000 people signed today. That is extraordinary in anyone's book. Keep pushing. #RevokeArticle50petition
Listen up! They won't give us a #Peoplesvote because plebs aren't allowed to vote more than once. But this right here - is the current expression of the "will of the people". This is the closest thing we have to a #PeoplesVote. VOTE AND RETWEET NOW!
As a direct consequence of Theresa May’s cowardly, reckless & self-serving cliff-edge Ultimatum over 800,000 people have signed this #RevokeA50 Petition in just a few hours as the scale of her catastrophe becomes impossible to hide
Please sign and share this. Let's get it to 100,000 in a record time. #RevokeA50 #FBPE Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
A million by lunchtime? Come on...
Now at 3.3 million. Let’s get it to 5 million by end of today!
We’re disappointed the #indicativevotes did not result in clear majorities for a #PeoplesVote or customs union - but they were close. Staying in the EU is still the best option for musicians. If you agree, sign the petition to revoke Article 50 ↓
Nearly 6 million. Let’s get it there!
If there is anyone on here watching this farce unfold who has not yet signed..The Revoke A 50 petition Then SIGN it here and then RT it. It's so important to SHARE it to friends/ family, please do it! Thank you! #revokeA50petition #StopBrexit #FBPE
#PeopleVoteMarch Hooray to all marching on behalf of workers in lambing sheds and the like. With you in spirit, Please sign if you have not yet.
The #RevokeArticle50 petition is now rising by only 8k per hour - very good for a normal petition but not for this one. We need to push it as hard as possible. Please share it in every way possible. #Brexit #FBPE
5.1 million signatures. That is astonishing. Let’s make it get 18million.
In the 45 minutes since Theresa May spoke to condemn half the country this petition has had SEVENTEEN THOUSAND signatures! Push it hard Share in every direction Email to everyone you know not on social media Please.
Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions Get this to the 4 million today! Pass it around, RT and talk about it.
The government intends to debate the Revoke A50 petition on 1st April. Please encourage all your friends & family to sign before then so it makes them look The April fool for ignoring millions of people. Let’s double it!
BREAKING The official #RevokeArticle50 petition to parliament just reached 5 MILLION signatures !!! All legitimate, with bots and other abusers blocked by the site's security. 🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺🇬🇧 Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
Revoke Article 50. Revoke Madness. Revoke Incompetence. Revoke UnCertainty. Revoke Instability. Revoke Ineptitude. Revoke Article 50.
The #Revoke petition should pass 500,000 this morning. A million by teatime is feasible. Sign and SHARE SHARE SHARE. “Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions”
Right, folks. The march starts here. For those who can’t be there, every moment you get today be the public face of the march. Photos, retweets, and above all plug the petition. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to reach five million by Sunday evening? #Revoke
Nearly 5 million signatures, amsure it can get to 10million, keep spreading the word and telling everyone you know to sign, especially those not on social media...
The petition has now reached 2.7 million signatures, hugely more than the 100,000 needed to trigger a parliamentary debate. Let’s keep up the pressure. If you haven’t already signed, please do so.
The petition is up and running again! Can we make it to 3m before lunch? Is 4m achievable by the end of the day? #RevokeArticle50Petition #RevokeA50Now #PeoplesVote #PeoplesVoteMarch #RevokeArticle50
I just spoke to my Mum. She didn’t know about the petition because she’s dealing with family issues. I’m going to visit her later this week, and she wants me to show her and my stepdad what to do to sign it. They are 80 and 91.
Revoke Article 50 and #Remain in the EU. This huge petition to #RevokeA50 closes in just six days. Let’s make it even more massive and get to 6.1m signatures. Please RT, like, sign and share to keep spreading the word.
3008594 LOVELY MOFOS have signed the petition. Don't click the link to the petition unless you haven't signed it! #RevokeArticle50
Over 2.5 MILLION signatures!! Keep. This. Going. RT. ❤️🇪🇺 #RevokeArticle50Petition #RevokeArticle50 #RevokeArt50Now
It’s working! 5.5 million and still growing fast! Sign and keep sharing
RT 'til your fingers bleed people! 👇 Time to save the country. #StopBrexit
#BrexitDay is trending. We should be celebrating #RemainDay And having a final push to get past 6 million.