I have written a piece for New York Review of Books about the way Northern Ireland in particular and, by implication, governments in general, try to hide their secrets - including crimes - by attacking journalists.
Doc filmmaker with a remarkable piece about government came after his journalists who investigated state collusion in a paramilitary mass-shooting in Northern Ireland: How the Truth of ‘The Troubles’ Is Still Suppressed via
In which writes about why his fellow investigators and have faced government intimidation for their work exposing the coverup of an atrocity: How the Truth of ‘The Troubles’ Is Still Suppressed via
I'm just going to keep jumping up and down today about this piece by because it's so damn important:
This is a wild behind-the-scenes look from on the making of his documentary about the Troubles and the arrest of two journalists responsible for helping expose the identity of several killers and a government coverup
Yes, that is blood on the carpet—the blood of six innocents murdered by UVF gunmen, at least one of whom was government informant, with effective immunity from charges >> How the Truth of ‘The Troubles’ Is Still Suppressed, by via
Finally got round to reading spine tingling account of the Loughinisland massacre and the arrests of journalists and BrianMcCaffrey.
“There’s no doubt that it’s part of a global trend of governments harassing, prosecuting, and even murdering journalists who expose state secrets.” Stunning piece by : How the Truth of ‘The Troubles’ Is Still Suppressed via
read this important piece by and then watch NO STONE UNTURNED
Unbelievable story from re: his fellow Irish filmmakers in