Catholic Church needs reform says & his suggestions are good but I have a better solution: shut it all down like corrupt corporations are (e.g. Enron, WorldCom), convert cathedrals into art museums & concert halls, sell off Vatican holdings.
Not just any corruption. In the middle ages popes and priests would have courtesans and children. Not any more.
Shocking read from on #Vatican #corruption. Book’s scary claim: a conspiracy of silence between Vatican gays & #pedophile priests: “Gay priests felt unable to report pedophiles... because they too could be outed by the abusers and forced out”
knocks it out of the park with all three
Stunning revelations by in reviewing Frédéric Martel's In the Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy. 80%?! And these guys hit on Martel during interviews for a book exposing sex abuses? Audacity produced by unchecked power.
an ongoing tragedy of horrific dimensions. Like so many attempts to deny human nature, this one has led to astounding, continual, centuries-old and widespread evil.
Andrew Sullivan's review of "In the Closet of the Vatican" is essential reading. While pushing appalling homophobia and lies about HIV from the pulpit, the Vatican has been running a gay village to put Castro Street to shame behind closed doors.
Andrew Sullivan: The Corruption of the Vatican’s Gay Elite Has Been Exposed via