Getting reports that New Zealand ISPs have banned until it is “censorship compliant,” despite the fact that Dissenter was in no way involved with this week’s tragic events in NZ.
Build your own social network. Done: Build your own comment section. Done: Build your own browser. Soon. Build your own mobile operating system. Soon.
A massive ban wave on Facebook and Twitter. YouTube shutting down comment sections. Good thing Gab opened back up today and went live! Thank you for the unforced errors that drive our growth, Big Tech!
Our content moderation standards follow U.S. law. Kiwis wishing to use the service should use a VPN. offers VPN for free for people accessing Epik customer domains, e.g. , , etc.
So I finally tried out , which is a plug-in for browsers that lets you leave comments on any website or URL on the web. It feels...revolutionary.
Get the free speech web browser and stop making money for Big Tech.
Dissenter v0.4.1 and browser v0.66.99 are live.
Introducing , the comment section of the internet. Now in closed beta testing with GabPro customers. () Opening up to everyone later this week.
We would #deletecoinbase, but we’ve already been banned for WrongThink. So instead, we are going to #DissentCoinbase and you can too! Go to or install the browser extension and leave comments on for others to see.
Check out real moves are being made in the open source front. This is a real transformative change that will give the people power again. Don’t get lost in the noise. Notice the signals.
is about to hit 30,000 users. In 4 days.
🚨Introducing The Gab Report🚨 People-powered news and trends. Updated all day long automatically based on comments and engagement made using
5,000+ comments on one YouTube link. New record. About to hit 50,000 users. Day 8 of the platform’s existence. Can you feel the energy? Dissenter is the next big thing. It’s happening.
Another video, Europe’s Betrayal Of Women, has been censored by the feminists at the YouTube of peace. Comment freely on Dissenter.
Just been informed that this video has been placed in restricted mode, so nobody can comment on it any more. Dissenter says otherwise.
The Dissenter New Tab experience is now live, you'll need to manually update the extension if you already have it installed. Get it here:
Time to shine a light on the entire internet.
Free expression > the hurt feelings of a celebrity movie star. Leave a review on the Captain Marvel Rotten Tomatoes page that can’t be removed by Rotten Tomatoes
Leave your mark across the entire web.
Unlike other browsers, we don't track users who are using Dissenter browser so we have no idea how many are actually using it. That said, we can estimate the number of people who have downloaded it. It's approximately ~50,000. It's only in Alpha testing.
When y'all are done whining and running around from half baked platform to platform, I hope you that have shown anti-fragility in face of big tech scorched earth opposition social browser aggregator
Decentralized and open source social network: Open source free speech web browser: App store: Who else is building solutions like Gab is? No one.
Fun fact: 's Dissenter plugin is fantastic for commenting on pages without fear of censorship.. very much unlike . I started a thread for the page in question and I see it's already got a few responders. Long live the #1A
Welcome back to the wild west internet.
by is the comment section of the Internet. To illustrate the power of Dissenter to the crypto community, I posted a comment on ' Twitter profile. Like many of us, I am blocked by . The Wild West of the Internet is back.
Get yourself some Dissenter today, I implore you. and decided to blacklist in and take it from their extension pages. They are against free speech. They want to control the narrative. Think I should switch to a new Email service.
Oh, interesting. The Dissenter extension tracks all pages, even internal pages like Settings. It also loads font files from . Ouch—and it sends origin: in the HTTP request, forever associating the user IP address with Dissenter. Hmm.
There's a call to for the /discussion/begin-extension path. Along with it, a query string that appears to carry the current URL. Checking this from another page confirms the URL is sent in the clear to Dissenter's servers when expanding the extension.
Assange. . Project Gutenberg. It's a dark day for freedom of speech.
Reddit + Twitter - soy =
All software is heading to a state where people are in charge of their interactions. That means you read what you want to read and ignore everything else. All these effects will extend to money in the form of Bitcoin. It is inevitable, and 100% beneficial.
Dissenter, like Genius and Hypothesis, overlays an open and rights respecting grid on all content where platform owners have no say about the comments people choose to make on anything. It is the "Final Layer of Social Media", and it's sorely needed.
"As Rotten Tomatoes removed the comment section while YouTube altered their search system to bury "bad" reviews of the new movie Captain Marvel, Dissenter users left over 3,000 reviews and comments on the page expressing their opinion about the movie."
The Drudge Report, except instead of being curated by Matt Drudge, it's driven by discussions on 's web comment extension. By .
The most interesting part of the by is that you can have side conversations about tweets that are stupid. Conservatives can participate in Twitter as spectators. Try it on this post.
"Imagine this 20 years ago, crying out "Google creates a far-right search engine for every site!" - a user, dissenting this article
Watch as INGSOCs call for Dissenter to be banned, which they won't do explicitly. They'll invoke Copyright ignoring the Fair Use provisions designed to protect free speech. Like 4Chan / ED Dissenter will be one of the important / entertaining sites online.