Tomorrow and Thursday and I get to show you something we’ve worked on for months — an in-depth look at what it’s like to go to schools surrounded by homicides.
Today’s A1 features the first story in our series Surrounded, ab the schools that experience the most killings near campus. To see the story + more visuals from + interactive maps from on how kids get to school:
Be sure you read this important series -Surrounded: Killings near school, and the students left behind great work by & a shout out to who had the idea for series & contributed to the reporting
All #bookfest weekend, our journalists are talking about their work on our Live stage. Right now, , , and are discussing their latest project: " Surrounded." Read it here:
There are high schools in L.A. that are surrounded by homicides. We spent time on campuses & w/ families to understand the impacts of that violence on students' lives & learning, how kids get safely to school, what they want us to cover. Read it tomorrow
Coming up from : Surrounded, a series on homicides near schools—and the effects on the students left behind. Great work by + , who helped conceive the project and contributed reporting.