“You don’t know when it’s going to be a person’s last day.” Jaleyah, a 17-yr-old, told me that after four of her friends were killed in just over a year. These are the L.A. high schools surrounded by the most homicide w/ , photos
What is it like to go to school when dozens, hundreds of people are killed nearby? How does it shape your life and your education? Part one of our new series takes a look at how schools and students grapple w/ this
🌗 #LATENITETWITTER 🌗 Be the first to see "Surrounded," a new project about kids coping with trauma in LA's deadliest areas. Part One, just published, features a map by . It tells a scrolly story using satellite imagery.
Great to see talk live about this vital project on LA kids and they violence all around them At many readers thanks them for tackling this
The school shootings we aren’t talking about, by
Staggering numbers in this project on students navigating violence to get to school: