"Espionage is the secret theater of our society," John le Carre once observed, and in my latest for I look at how that's true of Israel. Published to mark the release of "Spies of No Country"
Most Israelis have never heard of the name Jamil Cohen. But his story, and the story of Israel's first spies, is a window onto a forgotten, secret history that can help Israel better understand itself. As always, is not to be missed
Read on the Middle Eastern Arabic-speaking Jews who helped found Israel and create the Mossad, but were largely written out of the story of the country's creation. Until now
Opinion | Israel’s Secret Founding Fathers - The New York Times
„The dominance of the political right .. comes far less from the settler movement...than from the collective memory of (Arab) Israelis who remember how vulnerable they were as a minority among Muslims...“ #Israel