Hi folks, I just donated to "Homes For Our Troops" to celebrate 's birthday this week. It is a great cause
HBD, ! For Jake’s 5-0, is doing a fundraiser in his honor. Please consider lending your support to this awesome cause. Also, here’s how decorated the office:
An absurdly worthwhile cause, and you also get to mention that turned 50. Yesterday. Which makes him 18,263 days old today. Please give to Homes for our Troops, as the wars we don’t talk enough about are still going on, overseas & at home.
Happy Birthday to Jacob Paul Tapper a/k/a . As knows, the “Hellfire Club” is nothing compared to the “Over 50 Club” that Jake joins tomorrow! Consider joining me in honoring the occasion with a donation to here:
I just donated to Homes For Our Troops to celebrate 's bday yesterday and you should too!
A longtime supporter of our mission and CNN Anchor, Jake Tapper is celebrating his 50th birthday on March 12. Now is your chance to give back in honor of Jake's 50th Birthday: . Happy Birthday !!