Trump ordered top economic adviser Gary Cohn to pressure the Justice Department to file a lawsuit to block the ATT-Time Warner merger, in an apparent effort to retaliate against CNN, reports:
If you work at Fox News, you own this -- what is outlining here is so pervasive and deep-rooted that it cannot be explained away or compartmentalized. This is not a news network anymore
Wow reports Ailes fed Trump debate questions before the first GOP primary debate on Fox in 2015
. on Fox News’ transition from partisanship to propaganda:
Trump “has ranked the loyalty of many reporters, on a scale of 1 to 10. Bret Baier, Fox News’ chief political anchor, is a 6; Hannity a solid 10. Steve Doocy, the co-host of “Fox & Friends,” is so adoring that Trump gives him a 12.”
Lots of news in latest from ⁦⁩: the killing of the Stormy Daniels story before the election; ordering Gary Cohn to pressure DOJ to file lawsuit to block AT&T-Time Warner deal; possible tipping off Trump on debate question; more.
"I want that deal blocked!” Trump badgered Cohn repeatedly to press the Justice Department to go to court to stop AT&T merger with Time Warner in seeming retaliation against CNN, a part of Time Warner, reports ⁦
Trump ordered Gary Cohn to pressure DOJ to block AT&T / Time Warner, according to New Yorker Cohn apparently refused to call DOJ
Jane Mayer reports Trump ordered Gary Cohn to pressure the DOJ to file the lawsuit to block the AT&T/Time Warner lawsuit …
Wow. Per , Roger Ailes tipped off Trump about debate questions ahead of the first GOP primary debate in 2015.
Yep, has the goods on Fox. And if you think about the damage Rupert Murdoch has done, in Australia and Britain as well as the U.S., it's hard to think of a person who's done more to poison our world
For all that's been written and reported on Fox News and its role in our political landscape, this fascinating and disturbing article by in the is a must read.
Essential reading from . My two-bits: "'Fox is not just taking the temperature of the base—it’s raising the temperature...It’s a radicalization model.' For both Trump and Fox, 'fear is a business strategy—it keeps people watching.'”
For all those people who accused me of advocating some kind of conspiracy theory, because I said that is a 'millionaire funded by billionaires', read this. Fox News is propaganda, literally.
Great reporting, as always, from : The piece includes an apt quote from describing Fox: "Fear is a business strategy"
This story confirms what so many people have reported anecdotally, which is that Fox News has turned conservative but formerly reasonable people into fanatics by feeding them a steady diet of fear and outrage--so essentially mind control.
The funniest line in Jane Mayer's piece is a parenthetical: (as judged by neutral fact-checking organizations such as PolitiFact).
. traces how Fox news sank to the point of becoming a political propaganda machine for the president, quoting about the effects of this shift as she concludes her piece.
When the state has a propaganda arm (barely) disguised as a “news” outlet: one step closer to an all-powerful presidency. has lifted the curtain on a deadly serious threat to Madisonian democracy
I do recommend this article and remind people when the Obama White House tried to call out Fox News for not being legit, the DC press corps rose up to defend Murdoch’s propaganda outlet
The defense of Trump to what he ordered Cohn to do - “this is him venting” - is what is almost always said after he directs aides to do something they recognize to be improper. Kelly is said to have made Trump make clear the Kushner clearance was an order
Reposting this piece on Fox because it's amazing, granular, and terrifyingly on point.
"I'm taking orders from the Murdochs, is that what you're saying?" asked me. Turns out: yeah, sometimes it works that directly. "Good reporting, kiddo," they told own of their own. "But Rupert wants Donald Trump to win. So just let it go.”
“It’s even worse than a conspiracy of the dark Web, or something trying to manipulate Fox. It was just a guy in his underwear in Georgia who had influence over Fox News! And Fox News influences the President!” Via
A former exec tells ⁦⁩ that Bill Shine, now WH head of comms, “would talk to the woman [alleging sexual misconduct] with a velvet glove, saying, ‘Don’t worry about it’—and, if that didn’t work, he’d warn her it would ruin her career.”
If the Democratic National Committee goes through with giving a primary debate to Fox News -- a network that can credibly be described as state TV -- it will be a strong sign that it is fundamentally unprepared to stop Trump's reelection.
Hannity is essentially a West Wing adviser, reports ... “The place has gone off the rails. There is no ordinary policy-development system.” As a result, Fox’s on-air personalities “are filling the vacuum.”
1. The best version of this involves the democratically elected president issuing an order to a staffer more than 50 times, and that staffer (and others) deliberately ignoring it because he disagreed with it.
It's no wonder is an echo chamber for the Trump Admin's fear-mongering. Trump's Deputy Chief of Staff is still cashing checks from Fox, his ex employer. My office requested info on Bill Shine's possible ethics violations in December. Still waiting.
“Trump gets up and watches ‘Fox & Friends’ and thinks these are his friends”
Trump was fed debate questions beforehand from Ailes - Fox had the Stormy Daniels hush money payoffs story and killed it because Murdoch wanted Trump to win Just two of many great details in 's of Fox News delivering Trump propaganda
Fox News was doing "Obama went to a madrassa" and the "Ground Zero mosque" when Kristol was a contributor. If he's sincere in denouncing the "crazy" now, he should address why he was OK with it when it was being harnessed toward his preferred ends.
I spoke with about the Trump-Fox feedback loop for her story, The Making of the Fox News White House
this is an important point that never got the attention it deserved; Hannity was a birther enabler, particularly when it came to Trump
Read this blockbuster from The question of what can reasonably be done about Fox News is urgent and under-discussed.
This morning's required reading for understanding how we got here is the New Yorker's on the history of Fox News. Your quibbles with it don't matter. (I have a few.) It clarifies. Not recommended, required.
So many explosive revelations in 's blockbuster on Fox News, I don't even know where to start
Among the revelations in here: Trump repeatedly ordered Gary Cohn to tell DOJ to intervene in the AT&T/Time Warner merger. (Cohn apparently didn’t follow through.)
Hmm. ICYMI check out huge legal settlement Fox paid to former assistant to Trump Campaign’s newly-named Senior Adviser Kimberly Guilfoyle
Must read: How Fox News became both Trump's shield and his sword. The White House and Fox interact so seamlessly that it can be hard to determine, during a particular news cycle, which one is following the other’s lead. by via
The story everyone will be reading and talking about--by one of America's greatest investigative reporters,
Bill Shine out as White House Communications director. He was a top executive at Fox News previously - and the focus the highly critical New York article detailing symbiotic relationship between Fox and the Trump Administration.
Trump & Murdoch share a transactional political approach, driven by self-interest. Trump re Murdoch:”He’s a cunning political player, leaves no fingerprints, he’s been in the game of influencing govt’s to his benefit longer than most of us have been alive”
Jane Meyer is the best investigative reporter in the country.
“Greta Van Susteren believes that Ailes’s departure posed a huge challenge for his successors: ‘It’s like what happens when a dictator falls. If you look historically, when you get rid of a Saddam in Iraq, or a Qaddafi in Libya, the place falls apart.’”
Good read on how Fox News became the Pravda of the Trump Administration
From : "If a woman complained about being sexually harassed, he said, Shine or other supervisors intimidated her into silence, reduced her air time, or discontinued her contract."
This story is utterly wild.“Never did I hear anyone worry about getting a second source. The single phrase I heard over and over was ‘This is going to outrage the audience!’ You inflame the viewers so that no one will turn away. Those were the standards.”
Fascinating bit from the Mayer story: Murdoch regarded the NFL fans he bought in the '93 rights negotiations as Fox News' working-class "base."
Coulter/FoxNews Squabble Mentioned in New Yorker Magazine Article
The princeling at work: “Kushner now has an almost filial status with Murdoch, who turns eighty-eight this month, and numerous sources told me that they communicate frequently. “Like, every day,” one said.”
Astonishing account of how Fox News moved from journalism to propaganda. Includes the claim that a Fox reporter had the Stormy Daniels story in 2016 but was told "Good reporting, kiddo. But Rupert [Murdoch] wants Donald Trump to win. So just let it go.”
I loved the piece on Fox. But what I want to know is: at what point do we start blaming the viewers who believe every ridiculous thing Fox News tells them? Obviously Fox news is ridiculous, but they're just feeding a hungry market, right?
Wait. Fox News reporters participate in his rallies. We’re JUST discovering that they are the dishonest propaganda wing of the Trump Party? They are biased right-wing flacks? There is gambling in Casablanca?
This piece is an absolute must-read.
This is excellent reporting from on the evolution of from conservative news to fear-mongering propaganda. A number of interesting details including Fox’s decision to hide the details of an apparent Trump crime before Election Day.
“Fox is not just taking the temperature of the base—it’s raising the temperature.”
What we all assume was happening, but what a tale by ⁦⁩: The Making of the Fox News White House
The Making of the Fox News White House
Unbelievably great reporting like this only happens because people subscribe to You should, too: The Making of the Fox News White House
"Kristol contends that Shine’s White House appointment is a scandal. 'It’s been wildly under-covered,' he said. 'It’s astounding that Shine—the guy who covered up Ailes’s horrible behavior—is the deputy chief of staff!'” No longer.
This was a depressing read on many levels.
Great piece by on Fox. After you read this, watch "Divide and Conquer," re: Roger Ailes, by Alexis Bloom.
Time of Reckoning for Fox News. Great piece in The New Yorker by and, for the origin story of the Fox News inventor, Roger Ailes, see the doc "Divide and Conquer," by Alexis Bloom.
Fox is the state propaganda network
The Making of the Fox News White House. This by is a must-read
"A Fox insider told me that Murdoch 'was gone a lot,' adding, 'He’s old. He likes the idea that he’s running it, but the lunatics took over the asylum.'”
"Trump ... has ranked the loyalty of many reporters, on a scale of 1 to 10. Bret Baier, Fox News’ chief political anchor, is a 6; Hannity a solid 10. Steve Doocy, the co-host of 'Fox & Friends,' is so adoring that Trump gives him a 12."
“Trump thought he was getting [in Bill Shine] Roger Ailes but instead he got Roger Ailes’s gofer.” Ouch.
Jane Mayer's New Yorker piece on the bridge between Fox News and the Trump White House is a very long read, but full of compelling details, and you should definitely read it
The Making of the Fox News White House I mean, yea, we know. But having it all laid out like this is terrifying.
Our political media is utterly broken, & the core problem is the business model driving the product. Interruptive and algo-driven advertising feeds on engagement. And as reports, "fear is a business strategy" driving engagement for Fox.
“Fear is a business strategy...” yet more incredible reporting from
“It’s changed a lot. Before, it was conservative, but it wasn’t crazy. Now it’s just propaganda.”
“Good reporting, kiddo. But Rupert wants Donald Trump to win. So just let it go.”
"According to Gabriel Sherman, a biographer of Ailes who has written about Fox for New York and Vanity Fair, Ailes told Murdoch, 'Trump gets great ratings, but if you’re not careful he’s going to end up totally controlling Fox News.'"
The Making of the Fox News White House. Well that explains a lot. Still don’t understand if/how it’s all legal. #truthinpolitics #FakeNews #democracynow
The USA should have zero-tolerance for a private yet state-sponsored fear-mongering media outlet. Learn from Rwanda, RTLM, & the genocide of the Tutsi in 1994. Hannity: RTLM's leaders were found guilty of genocide by the ICTR. // The Fox News White House
"Several sources confirmed to me that Murdoch regales friends with Trump’s latest inanities. But Murdoch, arguably the most powerful media mogul in the world, is an invaluable ally to any politician."
Important article by on State TV (foxnews).
The Making of the Fox News White House
TFW when we look back nostalgically at the days when Roger Ailes (Roger Ailes!) made Fox News a more restrained and journalistically professional outlet than it is today. But that’s what key sources tell ⁦⁩, and, incredibly, it makes sense.
Fox's killing of a pre-election Stormy Daniels story will probably get the most attention, at least initially, but the account of Trump trying to block the AT&T-Time Warner merger to hurt CNN (if true) is the act of a dictator and deserves impeachment.
An important piece of journalism on Fox "News" complicity with Trump: The Making of the Fox News White House
Everyone is sharing this story because of the Stormy Daniels bit, but this is just as important.
Absolutely must-read story from The New Yorker. Trump "has something no other President in American history has ever had at his disposal—a servile propaganda operation."
Nice to see and call ‘s bastardised version of what it is today: state TV, not conservative media-
Great reporting. It’s astonishing that this can be known and literally nothing happens as a result, version 357.
Just in time for the comeuppance of racist fascist misogynists #TuckerCarlson and #JeaninePirro solid piece on The House that Murdoch built on xenophobia & white supremacy: 'The Making of the Fox News White House'
Good golly. On a scale of 1-10, Hannity is a "12"
Has it become propaganda? Of course it has.
Trump ranks Fox reporters by loyalty on a scale of 1-10. He gives Steve Doocy a 12.
The Making of the Fox News White House Jane Mayer #sociology