My new (and first!) article for reviewing ’s new book “Spies of No Country” and discussing the widely ignored story of how Mizrahi Jews helped build Israel. Thank you ! It was such a pleasure working with you!
Excited to share 's insightful piece today in Opinion
And thanks to for this heartfelt review for that gets right at the questions raised in the book
Opinion: Mizrahi Jewish spies fought to build Israel. Their descendants still encounter racism there.
"The Mizrahi culture is a rich one, dating back thousands of years. Yet instead of celebrating it, we are told that we ought to be ashamed of it," writes Hen Mazzig.
Must-read by on Mizrahi #Jewish contributions in the creation of Modern #Israel.
A moving piece by on the #Mizrahi #Jewish experience in Israel
My grandmother always told us things were never the same following the #Farhud, a two-day pogrom filled with vandalism and violence against the Jewish population of Iraq that took place during Shavuot, June 1st 1941. #RememberTheFarhud