JAMA study shows male NIH PIs are awarded an average of $41,000 more than female PIs. It's even worse at Big Ten institutions, where the median for women was $66,000 and $148,000 for men. No difference in publications, citations, or research areas.
#genderequity : New study of NIH says #women get smaller grants than men, even controlling 4 research potential… negative implications for success in academic can we change this?
Study finds sex differences in the size of funds awarded to comparable first-time female and male PIs, even at top research institutions
first-time female principal investigators received considerably less funding from the NIH compared to first-time male PIs, even at top research institutions
Women who were first-time NIH grant awardees received almost $40,000 less than first-time male awardees
For 1st-time PIs, 10 highest-funded grant types: *Women get ~$40k less than men *~$20k less at the Ivys *Less than half at Big Ten Just R01s: women get $15k more. Story by : Paper:
New study of #NIH funding says women get smaller grants than men - Comparison of NIH Grant Amounts to First-Time Male and Female Principal Investigators
From : First time female grantees get less money than first time male grantees.
I guess when I read this twice, it says than when you focus on R01s only, first-time women receive more money ($16,000; p<0.001) than first-time male applicants? The real difference was in U01s! WTF gets U01 as first grant? #NIH #grants #gender #bias
Women get $41,000 less than men from #NIHgrants on the average #bias