"There is an unfortunate tendency among contemporary political activists to demonize people with whom they disagree, a general feature of our increasingly polarized society, fueled by social media," writes former dean of Harvard Med School Jeffrey Flier.
Strong piece by distinguished Harvard prof. in about the shameful crusade against his colleague Ronald Sullivan and Harvard's mealymouthed response.
"The Association of Black Harvard Women argued that Sullivan’s involvement in Weinstein’s defense 'will only work to embolden rape culture on this campus.' Not surprisingly, the chain of reasoning that led to this alarming conclusion was not disclosed."
"It has become commonplace for student activists to invoke 'trauma' and 'violence' when exposed to ideas or opinions they find objectionable," writes Jeffrey S. Flier, the former dean of Harvard Medical School.
Yet again, the Harvard community has not distinguished itself in standing up for principles of justice and intellectual integrity. Exceptions: legal scholar Randall Kennedy & former med school dean Jeff Flier via
"When the news of Sullivan’s role in the Weinstein case broke, he was criticized by #MeToo activists, the Association of Black Harvard Women & in a Harvard Crimson editorial." writes the former dean of Harvard Medical School, Jeffrey Flier.
I saw this coming. Wouldn’t change a word.