NEW COVER: AT&T Is Dragging HBO’s Streaming Strategy Out of the Dark Ages
Great piece on how AT&T is trying to drag HBO out of the Dark Ages
NEW U.S. COVER! Bureaucracy Is Coming: AT&T bring cost-cutting and corporate restructuring to HBO's realm, by
Nice job by untangling HBO's tech strategy and how it led the company into the arms of AT&T
AT&T Is Dragging HBO Out of Dark Ages “Combining HBO, CNN, TBS & Warner into one streaming service was tantalizing. Managers should have worked together as part of the same conglomerate. But each property acted like an independent nation-state.” #dejavu
At&T perfectly performing the art of selling the previous regime down the river
AT&T Is Dragging HBO’s Out of the Dark Ages “Intractable set of problems: contracts written before digital...30-year-career executives with no incentive to hurt the cash cow...institutional distaste for technology...internecine tribal warfare.” #dejavu