In , I explore the implications, hopeful and heart-breaking, of the extraordinary Hudson River sonar sighting of a 14-foot Atlantic sturgeon - twice the size of most specimens seen these days and rare even in the fish's, and fishery's, glory days.
On the discovery of a 14-foot sturgeon in the Hudson—a sign of hope, or of lost glory? considers
Environmental news is often bleak. So savor the surprises. Here are 2, from , told exceptionally well this week: On seeing a 14-foot sturgeon in the Hudson: "Even a century ago (that) was considered a, it was unimaginable." 1/2
Giant prehistoric fish returning from the brink of extinction.... “14-foot Atlantic sturgeon fish spotted in Hudson River, New York, giving hope to vanished species”
I was particularly excited to report on the amazing sonar sighting of a 14-foot Atlantic sturgeon in the Hudson because I've seen too many dead ones, including this juvenile ('16) and carcass hunk ('18; likely a propeller victim; reported to )
Great article by "14-foot fish spotted in river, giving hope to vanished giant’s return" via
Here's my going into depth (yes..) on this sonar discovery of an endangered ancient giant.
And here quoted on the #BOFFFF significance of a sonar sighting of a 14-foot Atlantic sturgeon in the Hudson River.
., journalist-laureate of the Hudson, on the 14-FOOT STURGEON recently found in the river by Hyde Park
My sturgeon reporting timeline, in pictures. Today's piece explores the implications of a remarkable side-scan sonar image of what scientists confidently say is a rare and startlingly huge 14-foot Atlantic sturgeon in the Hudson River. 1/
Nice UK coverage of the stunning sonar discovery in the Hudson we reported on in Astonished researchers spot 14-foot Atlantic sturgeon in Hudson River
Indeed! I love how , author of "Heartbeats in the Muck," described the implications of the side-scan sonar sighting of a massive 14-foot #Atlantic sturgeon in the Hudson - more revealing a mystery than a comeback:
Monsters returning to the Hudson River is good news.
Great to see , with an audience along the mid #HudsonRiver, pick up on story on the sonar sighting of a rare ancient endangered and *giant* (14 foot) Atlantic sturgeon there. Here's a 7 footer. Imagine 2x!
What a beautiful piece of sturgeon art. The Hyde Park Post Office mural panel, painted in 1940 but depicting a scene in the heyday of the Atlantic sturgeon/caviar era (1870), is similarly astounding. And that fish is about the size of the one on sonar.
“An August 1881 item used the term of the day, “Albany beef,” to describe heavy demand for sturgeon meat: “In former years the catch of the sturgeon in the Hudson River was amply sufficient to supply all demands for the beef at low prices.”
In 2010, I was humbled helping 's tagging team release a ~seven-foot, 120-pound endangered Atlantic sturgeon. That's why it blew my mind to learn that a 14-footer (likely six times that weight) was spotted using side-scan sonar. My story in :
Too much sturgeon mortality still, young and old! Two I found, in '16 and '18.
Christopher Preston: "If we take our foot of their neck, many of the species we have pushed towards the abyss may possess the wherewithal to bounce back." Here's my sturgeon tale:
And, as explained in the initial thread, this is also particularly important with sturgeon - and why spotting a 14-foot-long giant Atlantic sturgeon in the Hudson is so important.
Even more mind-blowing is probable weight of this #BOFFFF (big old fat fecund female fish) - likely 600 or 700 lbs or more. Meaning this 1940 sturgeon mural in Hyde Park NY Post Office (depicting a scene in 1870) is actually quite accurate.
reports on humongous 14 foot sturgeon in Hudson River. #scicomm
I, for one, would welcome a comeback by this majestically ugly fish. From
Related: In my latest story, a batch of sturgeon experts explore implications of the sonar discovery of a 14-foot female (likely 600 pounds or more) in the Hudson: The fish I helped release was about 7 feet, by comparison. Imagine twice that!
Great that New Yorkers can now see ancient endangered Atlantic sturgeon up close at the !> In the meantime, this astonishing sonar sighting of a 14-foot giant in the Hudson gives a hint of what's slowing coming back!
Catching up with fun news that the #HudsonValley's radio station had a naming contest for the 14-foot sturgeon scientists detected on sonar in the river. Our story: The contest results:
Among many implications of the sonar sighting of a massive 14-foot endangered Atlantic sturgeon in the #HudsonRiver (see my story: ), there's the #BOFFFF factor, as per . Big old fat fecund female fish are akin to old-growth forest.
I can't look out across the Hudson River, even in today's icy chill, and not think about the 14-foot Atlantic sturgeon spotted here with high-definition sonar last June. Working on joining the team studying this endangered icon this spring.