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Steven Pinker's message — that despite significant challenges we’re making progress as a species — seems benign. Why do so many people hate him?
"I have this really awful feeling that one day we’ll all be sitting in a bombed-out bunker saying, ‘Hey, remember Steven Pinker’s book?" --Niall Ferguson via
Why Do People Love to Hate Steven Pinker? - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Bill Gates and Richard Dawkins love Steven Pinker. So why doesn’t everyone else?
A defense of Steven Pinker and his work in The Chronicle, concentrating on why so many people dislike him. My answer: people don't want progress because it defuses their livelihood touting doom and gloom, and jealousy.
"...what he’s said — repeatedly, over hundreds of pages — is that humanity has made impressive headway, but there are zero guarantees."
Why Do People Love to Hate Steven Pinker?
Why do People Love to Hate Stevan Pinker: via