Facebook, Amazon, and Google have vast power over our economy and democracy. They’ve bulldozed competition and tilted the playing field in their favor. Time to break up these companies so they don’t have so much power over everyone else. #BreakUpBigTech
Fascinating. Since Walmart, Home Depot, et al have third party marketplaces, they would have to eliminate all of their private label products, which would ~double the cost of common household items for poor people. Oh well, it's for their own good.
Some really weird stuff in this piece. Venture capitalists are reluctant to invest because they're worried about being bought out by big tech? What?
elizabeth warren's "platform utility" concept is positioned as a minor element of her proposal to prevent platforms from participating in their own marketplaces, but it strikes me as a much more radical idea than basically anything else in the plan
Senator Elizabeth Warren proposes a sweeping regulatory plan as part of her presidential bid, says it is time to break up Amazon, Google, and Facebook ( / Team Warren)
Warren’s proposal to break up Big Tech is what Silicon Valley needs. They’ll kick, scream, lobby. And then 10 years after it’s done, they’ll all laud its vision, as they count the proceeds from the next round of progress it’ll enable.
WOW. What a political shot across the corporate bow put out today. Worth reading. Agree or not, reading this level of discourse from someone aspiring to the presidency (compared to the current occupant) is, shall we say, a real change of pace.
Here's the key paragraph on innovation harms in Warren's Medium post calling for a breakup of the tech platforms. She's citing work by Haltiwanger and .
"Google Search would have to be spun off as well." This is much bolder than I'd expected.
Warren is an extremely good explainer.
You 3 fans of Apple Maps might want to pay attention to this.
I have a plan to make big, structural changes to the tech sector to promote more competition — and it starts with breaking up Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Learn more
Big tech companies like Facebook have too much power over our economy, our society, and our democracy. And when they buy out their competition, they stifle innovation and face less pressure to protect our privacy. That's why we need to #BreakUpBigTech.
Yesterday on , I explained how we’re going to break up Big Tech companies like Amazon. You can read more about that here:
Shots fired: Here’s how we can break up Big Tech – Team Warren – Medium
Here's Elizabeth Warren's blog post about breaking up Big Tech: Looks like except for Facebook, she's talking about vertical breakups instead of horizontal breakups like AT&T.
What I’m proposing is in line with our country’s history of antitrust laws—and it’s a big part of what has allowed our economy to grow and new companies to thrive. You can read more about how our plan is going to work here
Another win for crypto
"You’ll still be able to go on Amazon and find 30 different coffee machines that you can get delivered to your house in two days." --
.'s plan to break up Big Tech
6/Next is Warren's plan for "breaking up" Big Tech. If you read the proposal, you'll see it's mostly *not* about breaking up companies. It's about regulating platforms, in ways that allow smaller businesses to continue to thrive.
I enjoy the irony of Elizabeth Warren using Medium -- the platform of technology executives' mission statements and apologies -- to lay out her plan to dismantle big tech companies.
Completely pointless idea IMO. Worst potential side effect: slows down diffusion of software expertise into other sectors.
Here’s how we can break up Big Tech - Team Warren
If you care to read her argument, she's got a bunch of great essays on her policy positions. Here's her argument about #bigtech.
Defining companies as "monopolists" on the basis of revenue, as Warren's proposal does, makes little sense. It's essentially saying if you own a platform and are really successful, your success is evidence enough to justify breaking you up.
Decentralization of power can be achieved through structural or political means. Peer-to-peer tech is the structural, the revival of antitrust is the political.
Warren's tech busting message sounds a little like: if you like your Facebook, you can keep it.
Medium readers usually present as left-of-centre, at least in the US context. They are scathing about Elizabeth Warren's call to break up the tech giants. Perhaps GAFA paid for all the comments?
Some people are even talking about breaking up Big Tech! Although their plans often involve regulation more than actual breakups.
E. Warren's 2 killer points on why big tech monopolies are bad for you - (1) they use mergers to limit competition (think Google buying Waze), (2) they use proprietary marketplaces to limit competition. US 2020 + EC 2019 Commission = Big Tech Trouble