Ever wonder how algorithms trained on human classification categories type you? Thanks to this new tool from and ’s “Training Humans” project now you can
Amazing: & and team have built a site where you can see how AI trained on the massive (and pretty racist and sexist and judge-y) ImageNet corpus categorizes you (or anyone else).
Want to see how an AI trained on ImageNet will classify you? Try ImageNet Roulette, based on ImageNet's Person classes. It's part of the 'Training Humans' exhibition by & me - on the history & politics of training sets. Full project out soon
Wonder what the world’s most widely cited AI training set thinks you look like? and I created #ImageNetRoulette to show how problematic politics and judgements become embedded in AI systems… Full project coming soon…
. & co built a site to demonstrate the biases of ImageNet. Should the (racist) results surprise me?
Such an interesting tool for many reasons It seems to classify people differently depending on angle of pic, face expression, how they're dressed, etc. Here's the thing, I have spent more time than I should trying out various pics and all I get it 'Black'.
Intense… ImageNet Roulette went mega-viral this week. Stoked that project w and on the politics of training data sparked both debate and substantive change. Goal achieved. We’ll keep it online another week, then call it a day.
According to Imagenet Roulette I'm Black African....."AI classifications of people are rarely made visible to the people being classified. ImageNet Roulette provides a glimpse into that process – and to show the ways things can go wrong".
JUST GOT MY DNA TEST (from my doctor not a private company) TURNS OUT (#facialrecognition says) IM 100% a female sorcerer enchantress witch I concur. Find out how your face would be classified by ImageNet
This is how an image classification software used by Stanford and Princeton categorises me. I'm not a flake.
Here's an ImageNet tool which is hosted to show how absolutely awful it is & why sexism & racism will always be in AI/ML/computing. Post yours - hopefully you're not called an insignificant student, or worse...
So ImageNet Roulette happened. Made w & to look behind the curtain of training data, we’ve been amazed to see how much the public and AI community engaged. We’ll keep it online for a week, then it returns to a video installation.
#Machinelearning algo that attempts to classify your profession or class from face. #facetech
Okay, interesting, and I suppose kind of heartening (in that it's calling a white guy a criminal)
by is pretty fun! here's what it gave me for: 1. a picture of a fucked-up "Saint Louis style" bagel 2. a pic of some random people at Burning Man
With more Photoshop, in my actual author photo I've become a sociologist apparently. You too can read what the future holds at:
If I'm not using machine learning in my research, am I missing out on a powerful new approach? Let me just check Nope, looks like I'm good.
Well, everyone is putting their pics into to look at the logic of AI systems... look at my swashbuckling classification...! Positively steampunk, lol.
Wow. matches your face with most likely profession using machine learning. Look what it classified me as.
Clearly. 🎩👒🧢"hatmaker, hatter, milliner, modiste: someone who makes and sells hats"
Flibbertigibbet, foolish woman: this is me, ImageNet Roulette
"balloonist"? "cosmonaut?" "queen mother?" now this is just getting silly
Nevermind, found it. Apparently it's down though