The Clear Case for Capitalism |
"A businessman/woman has to create value for others before capturing value for him/herself." And true innovators only ever capture a tiny % of the value they create. Great piece from
"If international trade is restricted, global wealth suffers.That is why, when foolhardy politicians promise to stop trading with other countries, or to tax goods produced by those countries, we should probably worry," writes .
The Clear Case for Capitalism -Trade creates wealth out of thin air (see screenshot) -Competition spurs innovation and drives down prices -Capitalism motivates people to satisfy others' needs, which fosters cooperation and peace HT
Capitalism is... ... trade, which creates wealth. ... competition, which spurs innovation & lowers prices. ... unselfish, which brings cooperation & peace. The Clear Case for Capitalism by ⁦⁩ - Quillette
The Clear Case for Capitalism