In which I take a day off from my regular obsession with city/county/state policy to explain why Bryan Stevenson, Michelle Alexander, and ⁦⁩ should be on the Supreme Court.
"In a country that locks up more of its citizens than any other, we should demand that candidates for president have a plan for how they will confront mass incarceration and repair the harms it has caused." More at
SCOTUS is the long game says citing to . Dems have long and foolishly ignored the crucial importance of judicial appointments. Presidential hopefuls, if you want our vote you need a superstar shortlist and a promise to execute it.
I really like 's suggestions for the Supreme Court: lawyers who've seen the gritty side of the criminal justice system and country, people like Bryan Stevenson, Sherrilyn Ifill and my colleague Michelle Alexander Bravo!
Excellent piece calling on Democratic presidential candidates to issue their list of Supreme Court appointees
Please read this vital piece by - we should demand from Democratic candidates for the Presidency their list of who they would place on the Supreme Court, to address the crisis of mass incarceration