This piece in is incredible — gruesome details of a genocide that occurred in France during the Revolution and has been hushed up by French historians who don’t want to tarnish the Republic’s origin myth.
1. Thanks to for pointing out this disgraceful article that gives credence to far-right conspiracy theories and ignores copious scholarship and debate.
The French Genocide That Has Been Air-Brushed From History
Outstanding piece in on the French Revolution's genocide of the people of the Vendee - not just a genocide against French Catholics but against anyone who said "Non" to this gruesome rebellion & its madness.
"On March 4 2011, the French historian Reynald Secher discovered documents in the National Archives in Paris confirming what he had known since the early 1980s: there had been a genocide during the French Revolution."
"The sheer mass and quantity of corpses posed a potential health risk to General Turreau’s men." Read about the French genocide that was air-brushed from history
The pitchfork-wielding mob is the archetypal visual image of revolution. But France’s actual pitchfork-wielders were the Vendéen Royalists who fought with farm tools against the Revolution’s regular troops. Via .
"The Revolutionaries were drunk with blood, & could not slaughter their prisoners fast enough—women, children, old people, priests, the sick, the infirm."
"For all the Crusaders’ systematic efficiency there were numerous unforeseen logistical difficulties with their work...The sheer mass and quantity of corpses posed a potential health risk to General Turreau’s men."
I’ve been thinking about this all day. All the tools nation states use to maintain power are being commoditized. The biggest barrier to entry used to be information but that’s being eliminated literally by competing printing presses
This is a fascinating read
Who knew? "The French [Revolution] Genocide That Has Been Airbrushed From History": "But (with a few exceptions) they invariably characterize the rebellion in the Vendée (1793–95) as an abortive civil war rather than a genocide."