The idea of a de Blasio presidential candidacy is “f---ing insane,” said one former aide, laughing out loud
“Six years after he campaigned on a promise of combating income inequality, public housing is falling apart blocks away from multi-million-dollar condos.” — &
Bill de Blasio adviser blames his press coverage for the fact that he is not being taken more seriously in the 2020 noise he's making that even people who are close to him think is ridiculous
“The idea of a de Blasio candidacy is ‘f---ing insane,’ said one former aide, laughing out loud. Another self-described friend of the mayor called the idea ‘idiotic.’”
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio may be thinking of running for president, but many of those closest to him aren’t on board
'F---in insane’: De Blasio allies warn against 2020 run via