If you want to dispute the narrative that students are overprotected at elite liberal arts colleges such as Sarah Lawrence, you probably should not put a demand for unlimited free fabric softener in your 3rd demand (out of more than 90) to the president
1. "Tenure review" my foot. These Sarah Lawrence students want a professor to lose tenure for uncontroversial research on academic admins' liberal leanings. 2. NB: They're arguing that students should be the arbiters of tenure on the basis of viewpoint.
omg these spoiled brats at who are protesting Samuel Abrams ... i thought it was a joke that they were also demanding fabric softener but it's actually true
Read the list of demands by a group of social justice activists . They want free housing over breaks, free fabric softener/detergent, plus more. They are demanding a conservative prof be subject to tenure review by them & people of color.
2. The Diaspora Coalition demands for their #50YearsOfShame protest:
This slurring of Sam Abrams is some real bullshit. The kids aren't alright.
One of my deepest experiences as a prof was teaching African-American Thought at the University of Alabama in the early '90s, which I described in my book Act Like You Know. The students called me on my shit. I've taught feminist theory as well.
Protesting students at Sarah Lawrence are occupying an administrative building and making a long list of demands, including scholarships for non-whites, "new tenured faculty of color," one "Latinx threapist," and "tenure review" of a conservative prof.