For more than a year now, I've been reporting a piece on the heartbreaking unraveling of the city I live in. Here it is, in partnership between and
The Tragedy of Baltimore: another illustration of a well-supported generalization: good policing reduces violent crime. Cripple the police, and violence goes up.
The writer is so committed to the argument that the community needs tough, active police to protect it, the piece buries and grievously undersells the fact that the police were running a violent criminal gang
It's bizarre to read a story so deeply reported and so compassionate and so fundamentally deceptive as this one
This is an earnest address of the Gordian knot created by decades of bad policing. No good happens until competent officers are BOTH capable of policing posts/locking up the right shooters AND NOT brutalizing/robbing citizens or indulging in mass arrests.
“Citizens lose trust in the police not only if they abuse their authority but also if they do nothing about people wreaking havoc on their community.” Remarkable reporting on the unraveling in Baltimore from ⁦
Digging into the latest from via & --the difficult, deeply sad, and confounding tale of Baltimore's civic collapse in the wake of Freddie Gray.
Big, devastating new piece from , in collaboration with our friends at , on the unraveling of Baltimore, which since 2015 has seen violent crime return to its peak of a quarter century ago
This piece about Baltimore, which has turned into a disaster zone, is interesting. It also highlights one of my least-favorite linguistic tics: the description of riots as “uprisings.”
If you haven't read on Baltimore, a beautiful city that desperately needs saving, do
As violence has fallen just about everywhere, Baltimore has been left behind. Crucially important story about why, from
This piece on the tragic fall of Baltimore is really tremendous, but defies easy slotting into narratives.
(1/4) My view on how to interpret story on Baltimore today?
Also: If you care about ' excellent work on violence in Baltimore ...then you need to read 's The Lines Between Us in a couple months when it is published:
Seems like Baltimore's police went from A) being corrupt and brutal but also sort of trying to stop crime, to B) being passive and ineffectual and mired in chaos. There's got to be an option (C), right?
The focus on homicide counts here ignores how expensive it was to save the guy with 20 surgeries, a new ability lowering the relative counts vs history. Much more expensive than zipping a body bag. How much are we spending on the results of black violence?
What a scathing piece. Great read: tldr: what's better for black people - more deaths or less profiling? Nice piece
The Tragedy of Baltimore
The Tragedy of Baltimore