The juiciest, most revealing fact in the college-bribery story isn't the Hollywood celebrities. It's a guy named Bill, whose alleged involvement tells us everything we need to know about our age.
I have to say, I take a particular pleasure in this section. If y'all only knew how many times people have come into my feed talking about black kids just need to work hard like other students and they could get ahead. No separate justice system today.
Meanwhile, UC Berkeley has almost twice the number of Pell Grant recipients of the entire Ivy League combined, and a fifth of our undergrads are community college transfers.
Breaking News: Federal prosecutors charged dozens of people, including Hollywood actresses and top coaches, in a large-scale college admissions bribery scandal
Blah blah college admissions scandal blah blah but did you catch this reference to Aristotelian metaphysics: “The parents are the prime movers of this fraud,” Andrew E. Lelling, the United States attorney.... PRIME MOVERS!! Congrats
Affirmative infraction.
A reminder that if you're good at what you do no one cares where (or if) you went to school, and vice versa.
“Nearly 50 parents of the nation’s wealthiest & most privileged students bribed & cheated to secure spots for their children at top universities...” Stunning from
People often ask me whether I think things have gotten better or worse with respect to the college admissions madness since Excellent Sheep came out in 2014. This would pretty much seem to answer the question (not that I had any doubt).
Pay-to-play at its finest. Meritocracy simply does not exist in this country and never has. #collegeadmissionsscandal
there are classmates of the students involved in this scheme who will graduate with much more in student loan debt than the bribes that a bunch of rich parents paid
I met with hundreds of college counselors and uni admissions officers while at Minerva. This scandal is the explicitly "Bad!" stuff, but there's lots more insidious activity behind the scenes. For example...
Among the infuriating elements of the college admissions scandal story breaking today: the best research suggests students from affluent families gain very little from attending an "elite" institution. Whereas for disadvantaged students it matters a lot.
Here is the main point of all of this: “Parents used their wealth to create a separate and unfair admissions process for their children.” This activity will be (very) racially unequal by design because it is wealth based.
Awesome work by , and today on a crazy crazy story...College Admissions Scandal: Actresses, Business Leaders and Other Wealthy Parents Charged
Dozens of wealthy parents are indicted tried to buy spots for the children at the nation's top universities, bribing college coaches to recruit them for as athletes in sports they never played. w/
There's a quote from the NYTimes write-up of the admissions bribery scandal that is a perfect encapsulation of 's "LowerEd" thesis that #LowerEd exists in order to make elite higher ed more valuable.
Need convincing that life's playing field is not level? The college admission scandal that has exposed the lengths that wealthy parents have gone through to gain access for their children should do the trick. 😐
Federal prosecutors charged dozens of people, including Hollywood actresses and top coaches, in a large-scale college admissions bribery scandal. Among those charged included Hollywood stars Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman.
The case unveiled Tuesday was stunning in its breadth and audacity. It was the Justice Department’s largest ever college admissions prosecution
Oh, so it's understandable then? (!) "The charges also underscored how college admissions have become so cutthroat and competitive that some have sought to break the rules." College Admissions Scandal: Actresses, Biz Leaders...Charged
This is an absolutely disgusting parable about our times.
Everyone is talking about the college admissions scandal, with most people observing that the real issue is all the legal ways affluent parents give their kids a leg up 1/
The middle class and the poor, who by and large don't get preferential treatment for their kids on admissions, know that the rich do this sort of thing. This is just confirmation.
America's college admissions system is badly broken along about a gazillion dimensions. Let's dismantle the current system and build a new one from scratch.
I'll be on Fox Business tonight at 9:30 PM to discuss the college bribery scandal that has ensnared Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin, and others.
White-collar crimes "consist principally of violation of delegated or implied trust, and many of them can be reduced to two categories: misrepresentation of asset values and duplicity in the manipulation of power" (Sutherland 1940). This case is a two-fer.
generally, students who get in by "ath admit" -- granted by the colleges not the NCAA -- can immediately drop sports and stay in. if these charges are true it's another way the affluent can buy into elite colleges and freeze out the deserving
Recall that this horror is small potatoes compared to how got accepted at , Law & Business, and now his job in the White House.
What's wild is that they got charged. I guess they weren't wealthy enough to avoid the charges. Have more money and connections next time...
Last year , , and I wrote how income inequality widens class gaps in parental investments of money (). Looks like we forgot to include bribes, but that just means we have more conservative estimates. 🤣
This is criminal! But the obliviousness/utter lack of self reflection in criticisms of affirmative action-by those who benefit every day from the socioeconomic positions of their families-will not change an iota by this scandal. Sadly. Admissions Scandal
"This is an extreme, unsubtle and illegal example of the increasingly common practice of using money to get an edge in the race for a place in an elite university.”
I can't begin to say how shocked I am to learn that people are trying to buy their kids into top universities. Shocked.
Social class defines the social spaces we live in, the relationships we create: ...and of course, the paths we take to college 😑🙃😳🤔:
This does not surprise me at all. The obsession with colleges that parents at my kids’ high school exhibited was ridiculous. There seemed to be some sort of...
In the once funny and now painfully prescient words of from the 90s -- "if you aren't cheating, you aren't trying"
And to think Michael Young only had to pick up the phone in order to set back the meritocratic dystopia
Rich parents collude with top colleges to maintain their family privilege through corruption and deception. And then we wonder why people are angry.... via
Farcical: if you make a big enough donation, like Kushner's dad, you get in from the back door legally. So this diverts the of the 99% away from the 0.1% onto the rest of the 1%. | College Admissions Scandal
““The real victims in this case are the hardworking students,” who were displaced in the admissions process by “far less qualified students and their families who simply bought their way in,” Mr. Lelling said.”
There are students out there who are the first in their family to go to university. Students who have to work extra jobs to help their family and to pay for university. Students who don't have "connections". And then there is this.
Un-fucking-believable. As if the wealthy don't have enough advantages when it comes to access to education. This may well strengthen the case for seizing the wealth of the 1%
*Stares in student loan debt and years of impostor syndrome*
The privileged whine about affirmative action while having an incredible advantage in college admissions. And then there's this, on top of it...
What I don’t get - who checks on athletic outcomes of fake athletes post admission? Did they try out? Get cut? A major loophole. And don’t get me started on legacies! College Admissions Bribery Scandal via
lmao. was it really not public knowledge that college admissions in the USA is a deeply corrupt industry?? in other "news" the sun is scheduled to rise tomorrow.
Just broke the news to my son Gabe that I did NOT buy his way into college, that instead he got into ⁦⁩ based purely on his own merits. He says he can see past this and still love me. #forgiveness
Who needs #SAT #GRE? Family money 💰 is the best predictor of success.