"The media increasingly believes that we are too busy, stupid or, at best, uninterested to pay attention & they have addressed this by feeding us a nauseating diet of informational cocktail sausages when what we really crave is a side of beef"
"As I sat...watching Joe Rogan & Tim Pool interrogate Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, & the company’s global lead for legal, policy, and trust and safety—Vijaya Gadde—I could not shake the feeling that I was witnessing a historic moment," writes .
"Into this breach have stepped the YouTubers & podcasters who clearly & openly state their biases, who do not pretend to be impartial but rather acknowledge their ideological starting points & then seek to have good-faith discussions across the spectrum"
"It has long been an open secret that the mainstream media (MSM) is dying. Of all America’s major institutions and industries, only the U.S. Congress is trusted less by the public than the media."
"Podcasters & YouTubers are vulnerable to their audiences in a way that monolithic media institutions are not. This vulnerability makes them responsive: it is a strength, not a weakness."
"No television channel in the world would set aside three-and-a-half hours for an interview—and to do so live would be unimaginable."
I enjoy a lot of what Rogan does, but this piece is like a bad term paper from a second-year student who believes he nailed it.
Great piece by on the recent podcast in which Joe and grilled Twitter's CEO and "safety" person. If you haven't watched / listened to it, I recommend doing so. Mr. Pool was phenomenal. Wouldn't let them off the hook.