Why hasn't run numerous segments calling for the head of Media Matters to be fired? Where's the outrage from Zucker puppet ? It’s almost like Stelter & Co are nothing more than leftwing activists cosplaying as journalists.
The guy leading the Media Matters campaign against Tucker Carlson wrote blog posts describing “bags of Jewish gold,” called Japanese people “Japs,” praised KKK leader Robert Byrd and denigrated trans people...all around the time of Tucker’s radio comments
It would be really horrible if this piece about the bigot running “Media Matters” went viral. Horrible I say.
Well, well... “Media Matters President Wrote Blog Posts About ‘Japs,’ ‘Jewry’ And ‘Trannies’”
Why is Media Matters covering up for the bigot running their operation?
Two days later and this Media Matters dude couldn't have owned himself any worse. I guess you could say... "His comments displayed in those blogs were actually helping people better understand just how vile the Media Matters president really is."
Attention Liberal Media Hacks: THIS is the guy you’re taking your talking points from? 👉🏻 Media Matters President Wrote Blog Posts About ‘Japs,’ ‘Jewry’ And ‘Trannies’
I noticed that the loudmouths at Media Matters get real quiet when you point out the fact that they work for a bigot. Wonder why that is?
Media Matters' president's now-defunct blog included degrading references to “trannies,” “jewry” and Bangladeshis
Wow. Lots of transphobia and racism from Media Matters President Angelo Carusone here. I expect CNN and the entirety of the left-wing media will hold him to the same standard as Tucker Carlson? Yeah, don't hold your breath.
Media Matters President Wrote Blog Posts About ‘Japs,’ ‘Jewry’ And ‘Trannies’ via
So outrage mobs are just gonna take a pass on this one, huh?
Media Matters President Wrote Blog Posts About ‘Japs,’ ‘Jewry’ And ‘Trannies’ via
So the president of Media Matters, , wrote blog posts “Japs,” “Jewry,” and “Trannies.” No one should play along with his cynical campaign against Tucker Carlson.
Do Angelo Carusone’s Rules Apply To Angelo Carusone?
Carusone & Media Matters have justified their left-wing boycott campaign by pointing to statements Carlson made on a shock jock show between 2006 & 2011. But Carusone’s now-defunct blog included degrading references to “trannies”, “jewry”, & Bangladeshis.
Ever since published this article about , he has been silent: Media Matters President Wrote Blog Posts About ‘Japs,’ ‘Jewry’ And ‘Trannies’ via
Hi ⁦⁩! Why won’t you report on this anti-Semitism and transphobia from your good friend at Media Matters?
A solid reminder that they are entirely insincere.
Hi ⁦⁩ and ⁦⁩! I haven’t seen CNN’s report on this yet. Maybe you guys missed the article?
Uncovered blog posts from president Angelo Carusone show him making racist and disparaging comments about transgenders, Jews, Bangladeshis, and the Japanese. Will condemn?
The CEO of Media Matters is a piece of shit, too. Who could have guessed. Eager to see what the left wing woke patrol has to say about this.
The President of Media Matters, perhaps the least self-aware person in the universe, said a bunch of bigoted things on his blog in the mid-late 2000s
Donors and readers should boycott Media Matters, whose boss, , has said despicable things about racial and sexual minorities.
“Did you notice the word attractive? What the fuck is that doing in there? Is the write[r] a tr---y lover too?" - Media Matters
Do Angelo Carusone's Rules Apply To Angelo Carusone?
Outrage for thee, but not for me
Do Media Matters' rules against never saying anything naughty apply to Media Matters' own boss?
Go straight to the 4th Bolgia, 8th Circle. Do not pass Go.
“Carusone claimed that his boyfriend only leaned conservative ‘as a result of his possession of several bags of Jewish gold‘ ... Carusone previously dismissed concerns about his past anti-Semitic comments on the grounds that his longtime partner is Jewish”
So the head of Media Matters says his boyfriend leaned conservative because of "several bags of Jewish gold."
Why would you take direction from a noted bigot and transphobe like ?
Media Matters President Wrote Blog Posts About ‘Japs,’ ‘Jewry’ And ‘Trannies’