The arguments against trans women participating in sports are based in the same stereotypes that are used to keep cis women off the playing field. Sex discrimination in sports is wrong. Period.
When misinformation about biology and gender is used to bar transgender girls from sports in schools receiving federal funds, it amounts to the same illegal sex discrimination that is prohibited under Title IX.
Politicians who introduce these anti-trans bills aren't concerned with the integrity of girls' athletics any more than proponents of bathroom bans are concerned about violence — we must see these efforts for what they are.
Spurious argument, counselors. No one is saying "ban trans girls from school sports." If had the slightest concern for girls, you'd be arguing for transgender sports leagues. Instead, you're helping to kill girls' dreams (including scholarships).
ACLU on the trans sports stuff: Banning Trans Girls From School Sports Is Neither Feminist Nor Legal via
This is political advocacy, not a campaign to defend the negative liberty of individuals, which was the entire point of your once respected organization.